FORGIVE premiere “Engraved” (new single)

Forgive engraved cover art

New Single: Engraved
Release Date: 6th March 2020



Hailing from Bourges, a historic city in the centre of France, Forgive are a melodic hardcore band formed in 2016. The band has been active on their local live scene as well as around France, and have previously released two demos.

On Friday the 6th March, Forgive release their first official single “Engraved” supported by the video. This song is a first single from their forthcoming debut album “Mirrors“. They gathered some behind-the-scenes footage to create this video for the song, which is a perfect introduction to the band.


Forgive tell us “the song is about the image and feeling you let to the people you love when you disappear and the fact that you shouldn’t be afraid about this if you really love someone.”

ENGRAVES  (Lyrics)
Will you shed some tears
When this headstone’ll be engraved ?
With a name that sounds familiar
Will you act the same behavior ?
Will you be my last betrayer ?
Some questions seem peculiar
But I got to know the answers
So I can live my life to a safer future
(Has) always been a plague to me
Coming from nowhere
Contagious as the flu
Vague as to me and you
Could be the last free thing
I recognize the joy you bring
Our last regret ’s we could have been engaged
Our last request’s we could relive these years
If you look into my eyes I won’t look away
Don’t go away from me
Will you shed some tears
When this headstone will be engraved ?
Will you find comfort again
Into someone else’s arms
Into someone else’s dreams
someone else’s feelings
As if our love ain’t got no meaning
Don’t lean on me no more
I’ll stay forever in your thoughts
Say no more, your heart is torn but i’m not gone
The best is yet to come
Live your life with a new hope
A decent life is what we all want
The best is yet to come
The biggest challenge’s now

Long time buddies Forgive express their Hardcore sound in its most melodic and sheer way. Their music contains rock riffs that are intertwined with Forgive mirrors album coverrage and authentic punk-hardcore. With their distinct sound, the quintet have crafted an album that is rich and faithful to its origins. Forgive launch their first full length studio album which captures the subtle energy and flavour of a live performance. Their forthcoming debut album “Mirrors” will be released in May this year. Their forthcoming singles and the album will be released via Krod Records.


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