ELESSAR – “Vices” (new single)

Single: Vices
Digital Release: 26.03.21
Music Video Release: 09.04.21

There are a few bands who I happen to know and have been supporting since day one. ELESSAR is one of a few since early 2015. Hailing from Gloucestershire, this alternative rock/pop band have just released their new single Vices which is supported by the music video.

Vices begins with some beautiful synth sounds followed by the words “I just can’t get enough”. This voice effect is a good example of demonstrating ELESSAR‘s cheeky side. After this, the punchy sound starts immediately, which is very much their signature style. They are very good at making foot stomping tunes which make you feel like dancing and this song is no exception. The sound of their instruments is hard-hitting but doesn’t compromise the vocals are slightly softer than usual. The Main thing is that overall they still keep their own uniqueness. If you give it a listen, then you will know what I mean.

Talking about Vices, frontman Ricky Powell gives us a little candid insight into a toxic relationship, rolling on and off over the years. The opening line “I just can’t get enough” sets a vibe which perhaps you can relate to.

Listen to Vices via Soundcloud: Click here
Listen to Vices via Spotify: Click here

ELESSAR are a 3-piece Rock/Pop band hailing from Gloucestershire, UK. Combining emotive lyrics with heavy guitar tones and dancing drums that go hand in hand. ELESSAR have set out to prove to the world that they are carving a sound unique to their own path, whilst connecting with audiences en masse, priding themselves on placing fan interaction at the top of their agenda – having formed the ‘Sad Eyes Club’, an online forum for followers of the group.

Connect with ELESSAR
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