Skinny Knowledge – “Don’t Turn Out The Lights” (debut album)

Skinny Knowledge
Album: Don’t Turn Out The Lights
Release: 05.03.21

Bournemouth Alt Rockers Skinny Knowledge are just about to release their 14-track debut album.

The album opens with the title track Don’t Turn Out The Lights, sustained guitar opens the track before we’re met with a real excitement building riff comes in behind the sustain. I get a real Foo Fighters feel, good rock feel with this track that the catchy chorus guaranteed to stick in your head for days.

Next up is Imagination, and it’s the perfect follow up. Where Don’t Turn Out The Lights brought you gradually into the album, Imagination is like an explosion of energy. I still get the similar vibe from the opening track topped with the rough vocals in the middle comparable to Dave Grohl.

King of Nothing starts to show the incredible versatility of Skinny Knowledge, it’s full of energy and aggression. This song really makes you wish you were watching the band live, standing across from your fellow fans ready to just run at each other, this is definitely the circle pit track of the album. It fills me with excitement just listening to it and imagining their (I assume) energetic live performances.

From King of Nothing we jump to a contrasting track in the form of Keep Me Out Of It. It’s back to the feel good rock sounds, almost touching on pop punk this time. There’s something really uplifting about the track, the short snappy guitar riff keeps the energy bouncing along.

Track seven Getaway brings another heavier sound, which feels almost like an 80’s hard rock with a fresh energy. Something I really love about this track is how the pre-chorus almost fills you with joy giving you that feel good vibe you experienced in some of the previous tracks before the gritty chorus just punches in seemingly out of nowhere. I can imagine singing and bouncing along to the pre-chorus then suddenly exploding into energy jumping into everyone as the chorus takes over.

Take The Blame is another track showing the versatility of Skinny Knowledge. Although the song is still sounding very alt rock, it feels like they’re touching on Offspring style punk.

The album closes out with Heavy Metal Interlude into Stand Alone. I really like how they’ve ended the album. It’s like the final bridge between their sounds. Heavy Metal Interlude starts with a soft picked guitar, almost reminiscent of a Metallica introduction before it builds to a real heavy riff which leads perfectly into Stand Alone. Stand Alone then brings the sound back down to a really nice track which sort of feels like a culmination of their sound, it never goes too far either way, a brilliant way to round the album up.

When I was given an album with 14 tracks on my first thought was that for such a long album, there’s bound to be a lot of room for complacency. But I couldn’t be more wrong, every track on this album is brilliant. Skinny Knowledge have an incredible skill for seamlessly spanning genres while still keeping one foot firmly in the alternative realm.

If you’re a fan of Foo Fighters or Velvet Revolver, then you NEED to check out this album. I can’t wait to see one of their live shows and get to experience this band live.

( Chris Brain )

Don’t Turn Out The Lights – Album Tracklist
1. Don’t Turn Out The Lights 2. Imagination 3. Alive 4. King Of Nothing 5. Keep Me Out Of It 6. Not Coming Down 7. Getaway 8. Sayonara 9. Wheel Of Love 10. This Time 11. Make A Change 12. Take The Blame 13. Heavy Metal Interlude 14. Stand Alone
Produced by: Lewis Johns (Employed To Serve, Loathe, Conjurer)

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Skinny Knowledge is:
Andy L Smooth – Vocals/Guitar
Benjamin Parker – Guitar
Fenge Davies – Bass Guitar
Charlie Kenny – Drums

Connect with Skinny Knowledge:
Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Spotify | YouTube


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