Dark Bloom – “Daydream” (new single)

Dark Bloom
New Single: Daydream
Release: 18.02.2021

Hailing from Leicester, a young rock trio Dark Bloom began appearing on the local music scene in 2019. Daydream is their 5th single which is released today.

The track starts the intro with a guitar and a bass. It gives you ‘a sad song for a sad boy’ atmosphere already. Shortly after, the vocal joins in gently and makes the song gradually more emotional. About a half way through the track, the mood changes to express the sentiment openly and you feel their energies more with their harmonies delivering well to what a ‘Daydream’ might be like.

I find that Dark Bloom keep setting their bar higher with each single that is released. And this time is no exception, with Daydream being the best song they have written and performed so far. I think that an exciting future lies ahead of them. I will definitely keep my eyes on the band.

The vocalist Sulley Archer says, “I think this one of our most poignant songs. The song itself is about the loss of a loved one and the overwhelming grief that comes with that. The time that we get to spend with the people we love is such a treasure, and we can often take that for granted. This song is all about the regret that we can feel for not making the most of those moments.”

Daydream is also a song about mental health and the band are strong supporters of the charity Samaritans.

(Teri Morris)

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