VELVETBOMB – “Devil Inside” (new single)

Single: Devil Inside
Release: 18th February 2021

Hailing from Glasgow, 2 piece outfit VELVETBOMB stormed into the scene a couple of years ago. Their long-awaited new music is about to be released.

The band demonstrates their desire for a heavier sound in which they generate a darker atmosphere with edgy riffs, pounding drums and seductive vocals in their new single Devil Inside. This song brings you their energy and makes you feel that you can never get enough of it. Their new lyric video for the song is available for you to have an early listening.

While waiting for the release of their new single, I talked to the band. Find the interview below.

Hello, VELVETBOMB! Thanks for talking to us today! Who are we having here?

Hi Teri, we are Rob on Vocals and Guitar and Dac on Drums. A 2 piece, so keeping things nice and easy!

Thank you. First of all, how have you been doing during this unusual and difficult time?

We’re both fine, thanks. Trying to keep busy and continue to keep writing new material as best we can during these weird times.

Glad to hear that. Can you tell us how you met and became VELVETBOMB, and why VELVETBOMB?

It may not have been widely, worldly recognised yet, but people will think it’s such an iconic name one day near future for sure!

It was a lucky meet in the 13th Note Venue in Glasgow.  The whole duo vibe seems really natural to us, our sound seems to fill the environment we’re in and if you witness us live the decibel level gets cranked to the max. We also have a softer side, so I suppose that’s why VELVETBOMB fits us perfectly. It’s very descriptive, something soft but causes mass destruction.

Nice one! You are just about to release the new single ‘Devil Inside’. How would you describe this song in your own words?

It was a song that has been re-worked quite a bit lyric wise. I think we were both listening to a lot of AC/DC at the time, so we were going for that sort of vibe. But as always with us it has a darker edge to it. I always prefer to ask other people what their take on the track would be.

And it’s finally here! How do you normally go about writing your songs?

It’s a really different process every time. Sometimes I’ll have the lyrics done and other times it’ll start off with a riff/jam and it’ll evolve from there. I think lyrics are really important in songs so it’s crucial to get them right to fit with the overall feel of the track.

Okay. What influences have you drawn from recently, with regards to your sound and message?

A current day act we like is a Swedish band called Graveyard, however we always seem to go back to our favourites like Black Sabbath, The Cult, Monster Magnet, Soundgarden.

Alright. Do you guys listen to similar music or musicians?

Yes, we’ve definitely got similar musical tastes which helps a lot when a decent riff comes along so we’re both on the same page.

Who, which bands do you dream to share a stage with?

Rob: I would go Black Sabbath, even though they’ve said they’ve stopped touring again and without Bill Ward on board.

Dac: I’m a big Creedence Clearwater Revival fan. So it’s got to be John Fogerty for sure.

Which show is your most memorable show and also favourite show VELVETBOMB played?

We always put on a strong live performance, however our most memorable show would have to be supporting The Last Internationale at the Oran Mor venue in Glasgow. We are big fans of RATM and Brad Wilk was drumming with them during that time. And our favourite show was supporting The Picturebooks at King Tuts.

I think that music like yours really need to be heard live. Hope the day for you to play to all the people will come back soon. What will be coming from VELVETBOMB next?

An album and hopefully play live shows again.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thanks to Music Matters for the recent plugs online and look out for new material!

Thank you for your time! Good luck! 

No worries, Thank you Teri!

(Teri Morris)

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