Black Bear Kiss – “Secret Side” new single



Black Bear Kiss
New Single: Secret Side
Release Date: 28th July 2018


Hailing from West Midlands and Shropshire, indie/alternative rock quintet Black Bear Kiss have just released their second single Secret Side. It is not long after they released their first single Hooks, which is a masterpiece of heavy, riffy indie rock.  This release was supported with a wicked music video giving it a sensational feel. I wonder what they will do next to beat it?

Three months on, the excitement of Hooks is still fresh, they dropped Secret Side.  The melody has a more gentle approach compared to the previous single, though the song overall is deep. This upbeat tune features a bass driven sound through out with a flavour of funk, and more harmonies are added this time. The vocals are distinctive and authentic. It also includes some rather appealing guitar solos. The music video for the song is unique and expresses the lyrics well with the visuals. And who Black Bear Kiss would think of bringing a massive tank into a music video? I expect this band to be recognised widely soon.

Black Bear Kiss tell about the song ;
Ever wanted to get your own back on the boss? Telling a story familiar to millions, the new single and video tells of a challenging 9-5 routine for the band, overworked and bored with a difficult boss. With the daily grind taking its toll, ‘Secret Side’ aims to shatter the 9 – 5 slog, as the band breakout with extreme hobbies, pastimes and ‘secret sides’. Cutting loose and feeling more alive than ever, the band turn their attentions to their difficult boss, who has little idea of what is about to come his way… 



Black Bear Kiss cover art.jpg
Black Bear Kiss are:
Chris Leech - Vocals
Rob Jones - Guitar
Rich Sach - Bass
Chris Bagnall - Drums
Colin Haden - Lead Guitar


Currently Black Bear Kiss have three shows planed. Click the event names below for the event pages.
17  Fri 19:00  Dana Prison Shrewsbury
25  Sat 15:00  Bridgnorth Music Festival
25  Sat 19:00  Telfest



Useful Links:
Facebook: @blackbearkissband
Instagram: @blackbearkiss
Twitter: @blackbearkiss
Spotify: Black Bear Kiss
YouTube:  Black Bear Kiss

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