Sometimes, Even Heroes Need Saving

I have mentioned the song “Even Heroes Need Saving” before. But today I really like to post it again. This song is the best thing happened to me all this year. I must have listened to it probably more than 100 times since March. I just like everything about it. A part of this everything, my favourite drummer Dan Vinnicombe’s drumming is so cool. Though the best song to hear his drumming is the another song “Silver Medal”. I made myself not to listen to this song for 4 days, but I couldn’t keep away any longer, I got back … Continue reading Sometimes, Even Heroes Need Saving


Sunny warm evening on Saturday in Essex, I am in the living room contributing my time here. One week on – quick recap of the gig on Friday 09/05/14. The venue – Asylum, Chelmsford I have heard the name and some bands I know have performed here. Someone told me that it only opened around December 2013, so it’s new to the city. I have never been before, and didn’t even know where it was until recently. It turned out to be very closed to the station. So here we went – then WOW, just wow. No words. Find out … Continue reading #WWL2014