Sunny warm evening on Saturday in Essex, I am in the living room contributing my time here.

One week on – quick recap of the gig on Friday 09/05/14.

The venue – Asylum, Chelmsford
I have heard the name and some bands I know have performed here. Someone told me that it only opened around December 2013, so it’s new to the city.
I have never been before, and didn’t even know where it was until recently. It turned out to be very closed to the station. So here we went – then WOW, just wow. No words. Find out what I mean. Go when some musicians you like play there!

Performance: We Were Lions
We were lucky to see them as they started performing late about 10:30pm and we were late.
Not even the first time in Asylum, this was the first time for me seeing We Were Lions live.

Their presences on stage give a great impression, they assure you where they belong.
The voice from the lead singer Lloyd Coobmes owns the place.
The songs are mixture of them form the EP “Rebirth” and their forthcoming EP “Horizons”.
This song choices make the gig more interesting. One of the songs “End of the Night” from EP”Rebirth” is said as their favourite, as this song shows every side of qualities they have. In this song, the chorus(chant?) parts give so much energy, a kind of English power like, and a perfect song for fans to sing together.

This is a superb time for them to do this gig with the timing of the new EP release. So you should be feeling sorry for yourself for not turning up! Ah, I forgot to tell them that I enjoyed.

The final gig before the “Horizons” release date (31/05/14) is on Saturday 24/05/14.  Hope you enjoy as much as I did last week.


* A small note: If you are Rob The Guitar Guy fan and haven’t met him yet, well he is a lot better looking guy than the photos 😉

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