WhiteMoor – The North Wind

Christmas special!! WhiteMoor have just released a brand new song, this track is available today, 13th December 2014. The song is titled ‘The North Wind’. WhiteMoor are one of bands who never fail to deliver when it comes to the terms. They have … Continue reading WhiteMoor – The North Wind


Sunny warm evening on Saturday in Essex, I am in the living room contributing my time here. One week on – quick recap of the gig on Friday 09/05/14. The venue – Asylum, Chelmsford I have heard the name and some bands I know have performed here. Someone told me that it only opened around December 2013, so it’s new to the city. I have never been before, and didn’t even know where it was until recently. It turned out to be very closed to the station. So here we went – then WOW, just wow. No words. Find out … Continue reading #WWL2014