Dayshifter – “Anywhere But Here”

Newcastle Upon Tyne’s DAYSHIFTER are back with Anyway But Here, which is their first new track since 2020’s Holy Ghost and their cover of BLACKBEAR’s me n ur ghost.  This latest release marks another small step in a larger journey … Continue reading Dayshifter – “Anywhere But Here”

From The Cave – Same Game

  Artist: From The Cave Single: Same Game Music Video Release Date: 3rd February 2017   Marcus Halsey I find it hard to pigeon hole From The Cave and I suppose that is one of their appeals to me. This London based 5 piece alternative rock band however do have a distinctive sound with layers of harmonised vocals, clean guitars and keyboards combined a lyrical style that is poignant without being convoluted but always contagious. Having been instantly hooked by From The Cave when they released their self titled debut EP last April, reviewed by yours truly right here, I … Continue reading From The Cave – Same Game

Let’s watch the videos… my choice 2014

I would like to share with you the videos uploaded this year. In my blog, I don’t talk about the bands/musicians who are already very successful and what call BIG. So there are no BIG names, but they will be BIG or should be BIG in my opinion. 1. The Afterparty – When The Lights Go Out This is definitely cool video, but I still can’t work out the story. The video is showing their mature side – if you watch their other videos, you understand what I mean. 2. The Spin Live in Stockholm with Ricky Delin – I … Continue reading Let’s watch the videos… my choice 2014

Before choosing my best videos…

I mentioned that I would do my best video(s) kind blog. Before doing this, I want you to share the video which made me smile most. In July, my blog ended up doing “All At Sea Week”, around the time superb Essex band All At Sea released their official music video “Whole New World”. Today this video reached over 2600 views. Before releasing this video, they made another, the footage of filming the music video. The video “Behind The Scenes At All At Seas First Music Video Shoot” was uploaded onto YouTube in the end of April. Looking at the … Continue reading Before choosing my best videos…