Before choosing my best videos…

I mentioned that I would do my best video(s) kind blog.
Before doing this, I want you to share the video which made me smile most.

In July, my blog ended up doing “All At Sea Week”, around the time superb Essex band All At Sea released their official music video “Whole New World”. Today this video reached over 2600 views.
Before releasing this video, they made another, the footage of filming the music video. The video “Behind The Scenes At All At Seas First Music Video Shoot” was uploaded onto YouTube in the end of April. Looking at the screen now, only has less than 25% views. It means most of you reading here haven’t watched it yet.

I think the band would like the official music video to have more views rather than Behind the Scenes…
But I honestly like this video, and it will be shamed if the video won’t be seen by more people.

Behind The Scenes At All At Seas First Music Video Shoot

All At Sea – Whole New World (Official Music Video)

They will be on mini tour next month.
Check it out here;

For local fans (like myself), they are back to Chinnerys, Southend-on-sea, Essex
on Sunday, 23 November 2014 at 20:00


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