Let’s watch the videos… my choice 2014

I would like to share with you the videos uploaded this year.

In my blog, I don’t talk about the bands/musicians who are already very successful and what call BIG. So there are no BIG names, but they will be BIG or should be BIG in my opinion.

1. The Afterparty – When The Lights Go Out

This is definitely cool video, but I still can’t work out the story. The video is showing their mature side – if you watch their other videos, you understand what I mean.

2. The Spin Live in Stockholm with Ricky Delin – I Wanted You

Personally I prefer their electric instruments version. Tough this acoustic version is nice, it feels very warm with the mentor in their home town.


First of all, I love the colour. Then the camera work and editing, it really works well with the track.

Also I like many other videos, but any recommendations?!


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