Dayshifter – “Anywhere But Here”

Single: Anywhere But Here
Video Release: 30.04.2021 via Dreambound
General Release: 07.05.2021

Newcastle Upon Tyne’s DAYSHIFTER are back with Anyway But Here, which is their first new track since 2020’s Holy Ghost and their cover of BLACKBEAR’s me n ur ghost.  This latest release marks another small step in a larger journey for the quintet from Geordietown.

Whilst last year’s releases have certainly shown a leaning towards more melodious sound, especially when contrasted with earlier releases like In Despair and Common Ground, it really feels that this is the release which cements the band’s blossoming into a hook laden, chorus driven and harmony-forward unit.  The production on the track is great and allows Nathan’s vocals to shine through, with this haunting soundtrack to someone who doesn’t know how much they’ve got left to give.

Despite the shift in sound for the band, I don’t feel that the fun of DAYSHIFTER’s music has been taken out.  After repeated listens I already know that this is going to be a banger live with a huge chorus and a lot of opportunity for letting it all out.  I’ve followed the band since 2018’s Common Ground and been a big fan of their work. Whilst I can definitely sour on bands that disingenuously make a move to a more melodic sound, this feels like a natural and vital evolution towards the band that DAYSHIFTER were always supposed to be.

Finnbar Connell (iHammer Collective)

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