utoXator – The Seas Will Rise

utoXator is a rock/pop-punk/metal 4 piece band from Leeds, England.
I only discovered them a couple of months ago.

I watched their official music video for “The Seas Will Rise” on YouTube without knowing anything about the band. I don’t remember the exact date, but I can recall it was quite late at night and I felt like that they made my day! Though, the video has a reasonably good, or I should say a very good number of views, so maybe I was the only one left behind.
The song begins with catchy guitar tunes with quite exposed drums. Appealing parts of this track are probably the melody and vocals; though the bass takes a fair amount of responsibility to complete the sound. The music is driven by the bass particularly towards the end, with a sense of heavier edginess. utoXator create the sound which is original and fresh.

utoXator – The Seas Will Rise (Official Music Video)

I must say that the production team for this video, Sorted Media Productions Ltd and Ellie Risdon did a superb job. It was uploaded more than two and a half years ago, but the concept still works.

After watching the video, it was a time for me to dig to find more music from utoXator.

utoXator released a double A side CD “Paint On Walls” not so long before the music video for “The Seas Will Rise”. Currently the CD is available on their Merch site. A great thing is that you can listen to the songs on SoundCloud.

Here, you can watch the video for their acoustic session.


Their new EP and a tour are planed for early 2015. I am very hopeful for what they are going to bring us soon.
011 UtoXator 2

utoXator are;
Aiden – Bass
Alz – Vocals/Guitars
Alistair – Drums
Luzio – Vocals/Guitars

You can find out more about them from below links;
Twitter – https://twitter.com/utoxator
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/utoxatorband/timeline
Myspace – https://myspace.com/utoxator/music/albums
Spotify – https://play.spotify.com/artist/6xRE5OZHUWRNJ7Sq5ykDp4


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