My first blog because –

My first blog because –


Yes, I started this blog today.
This is how I decided to start;

I think it was in the Summer of 2012.
One of my family stopped me and said,

“Can you listen to this? I think you like it!!”

I looked at the screen. There were I think 4 songs listed on Soundcloud.
He played the first about 30 seconds each of the 2 songs. The sounds great! on instrumental side, I liked it a lot. But in this 30+ seconds, I found it was not my kind because of that featured Growling (or Groaning) vocals, which I wasn’t keen on.

So I left it there.

This was my first meeting(?) with We Were Lions.

Time passed.
From the very beginning of 2014, I kept seeing the name “We Were Lions @WeWereLionsUK” on Twitter with that iconic photo of the lion. I fancied checking them out once again after so long. This time, I listened to them all and additional 2 tunes, and later bought the digital version of their debut EP “Rebirth”.

Funny to say this, but I was falling in love with the song called
” Sometime, Even Heroes Need Saving”, which I didn’t listen to at the first time around.

From there, I started listening to their music a lot, really a lot!! And I am still listening. As I listen more, their music grow or more like I grow into it.

…thinking it was difficult to find a place where I could say what I wanted to say. So I decided to make a place for myself, which is this blog.

I can say this blog is dedicated to them. They lead me here. And here, I will talk about music I am interested in and I like (these are two different things), and my thoughts about music and musicians. I anticipate We Were Lions will be featured a lot.
If you happen to read this blog and find it interesting, you can relate and share etc… I am happy. Thank you for stopping by.

And I say thanks to the guys!




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