Syren City – Paradise In The Dirt



New EP: Paradise In The Dirt
Artist: Syren City
Release Date: 24th June 2016


Syren City are a Bristol-based five-piece, alternative hard rock band who’s new lineup also sees a new chapter in their development. Today, I am reviewing their forthcoming EP. Also you can find our recent interview far below.

Like most rock fans, I am quite familiar with the idea of the concept album. I just have to think of bands like Pink Floyd, Rush, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Coheed and Cambria to name a few. However I don’t think I have seen a band release a concept EP before. So unsurprisingly I was intrigued when I found out that Syren City were intending to do just that.

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“Paradise In The Dirt” will be the first of three such EPs, telling the tale of two characters, a mysterious male and a female called Danielle. Front man Simon Roach has explained that he had originally intended to write the story as a graphic novel, but was trying to juggle his time between writing it and doing music. So he thought why not combine the two?

Still wanting to realise the visual element of the story. The band are setting out to push themselves even further with the creation of a film to accompany each track. It is certainly a challenging multimedia idea, but one that will truly stand them apart from the crowd if they can realise their vision. I certainly feel that musically they have produced three outstanding tracks.

The EP  “Paradise In The Dirt” opens with “It’s Morphine Time”, and it introduces the male character. The track hits hard from the off with powerful guitar and frantic drums before finding it’s rhythm for the first verse where we find our nameless anti-hero strapped down and sedated in an asylum. Switching between spoken/shouted words, chants and sung lyrics, this is one hell of a tune. The character escapes his restraints and the asylum after dealing out vengeance to those who held him. Definitely see the crowd chanting “Salt the earth” when performed live.

Second track “Danielle” starts off slow with a slightly jangly guitar. Feeling somewhat like the opener to a spaghetti western with its trotting stride, before the drums and vocals join in. Here we are introduced to the female antagonist who has suffered the loss of her mother, her faith and finally her mind. The whole song erupts ready for the chorus pulling you into the despair felt by ‘Danielle’. Like track one the chorus has a great hook and will have you singing along to “How can you heal your fellow man, with broken hands.”

The last track “10,000 Knives” picks up the pace again and shows us the meeting between the characters. Sung from the perspective of the male character, he convinces “Danielle” to join him “I’m volatile and your blind with rage”. Encouraged on by their joint hatred for the world, they join forces to cause havoc. I really like the two guitars towards the end of the track where they appear to me as the voices of the two characters. One deeper and more forceful the other more frantic and echoing the phrases of the first.

All three tracks are very well produced and executed. Simon Roach has a great vocal range and sound, the tracks are varied in style whilst remaining dark and heavy in keeping with the lyrical feel and theme. I am very interested to see the band takes on the imagining of the characters and world the story takes place in. I have visions of a dystopian world perhaps a cross between those seen in Sucker Punch and Sin City. Perhaps that’s partially down to the subject matter, but nevertheless Syren City have unquestionably got my attention, and I eagerly await the next instalment.

“Paradise In The Dirt” will be released via iTunes on 24th June, also it will be available for free streaming on Spotify.

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With our short notice, Simon Roach, the front-man of Syren City kindly spent some time of his busy schedule to be interviewed by us. Here it is;

First of all, could you introduce yourselves for people who are not familiar with your band? Your names and your roles in the band?

Simon Roach – Vocalist, Ian Chadderton – Guitarist, Josh Mortazavi – Guitarist, Sam Leworthy – Bass and
Mat Capper – Drums.

How did you all meet up and become a band?

Me and Ian met online and were already in other projects, but we combined the two which later became Syren City. Josh, Mat and Sam then joined us in November last year.

Who are your influences? Does everyone listen to similar music and bands?

We have bands in common but we all listen to different types of music. For example I listen more to grunge, Sam listens to Ska, Josh listens to EDM. So it’s all very different but it compliments each other.

How do you go about writing your songs?

We all have roles in writing. This time round we have challenged ourselves, as the music all tells a story. “Paradise in The Dirt” is a concept EP that we’re making into a film. So the music aids the story. It’s been a fun and challenging process.

Your latest single “Burns” is a short track, less than 2 minutes. Is there any reason for this?

We wrote “Burns” in the first practice that we had as this band. We played it for a couple hours and felt it was exactly what it needed to be. Short, aggressive and a good introduction to Mat, Josh and Sam.

That’s awesome! I believe “Burns” was released about 14 months after releasing the last EP “Escape”. This track is not included in your new EP. Has “Burns” been taking a part of your plan for your new EP in any way?

No, “Burns” was more of an exorcism and a new beginning. It worked as a stand alone track so won’t be a part of the EP series.

Could you tell us about your new EP “Paradise In The Dirt”? How did you come up with the idea?

I came up with the idea as I was writing the story as a graphic novel/film. Juggling time between music and writing, I felt it was a good idea to combine the two and make a concept EP. Well, not just a concept EP, but 3, that all link together.

Looking forward to the completion very much!
You are heading out touring in August. You must be excited about this! Have you got any events planned around the actual date of the EP release?

The entire tour is really to promote “Paradise in the Dirt”, but we’re combining the tour with a couple of other mini festival dates and potentially something brilliant, that I can’t talk about yet!

Haha can’t wait to hear it! Is there anything you would like to say?
I would like to thank everyone who’s been supportive in this past year, who’s got involved in the filming process and everything that’s happened since!
Anyone who’s pre-ordered the EP already, many thanks. And anyone who wants a copy, head to

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to seeing you again in August! Good luck!

Thanks for having us! See you soon!!


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To find out more about Syren City, visit their sites using the links below;

Band Merch:




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