Amaryllis – Nova Initium


Debut Album: Nova Initium
Artist: Amaryllis
Release Date: 13th May 2016


Amaryllis are an alternative rock quartet who’s no compromise approach to song writing has certainly caught the attention of many and should definitely be an act to keep an eye on.

This London based four piece formed late in 2012 and have previously released two successful EPs. 2013 saw the release of the free to download self-titled ‘Amaryllis’ followed by ‘Revolt’ in 2014 which have gained them a large following in both gig attendees and on social media.

Their latest offering and first studio album is ‘Nova Initium’ a distinctly well-crafted sonic showcase.

“Thorn” from the album “Nova Initium”


For a relatively young band and as their first album I was pleasantly surprised with “Nova Initium”. I found it easy to get into, like finding that jumper at the back of the wardrobe that you haven’t worn in years. You know! the one that you used to wear all the time. Putting it on just feels instantly familiar and comfortable. That’s how I felt with Amaryllis debut album Nova Initium. Like musical Déjà vu, it almost seemed that I had heard some of the song before but of course couldn’t quite put my finger on where.

It is quite easy to draw parallels with other bands that have helped shape the Amaryllis sound. I hear influences of bands such as You Me At Six, Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park and Fightstar. But I am fine with that! I also enjoy those bands and Amaryllis have taken inspiration from what they like and woven that into their own style and the result is well worth the time to listen.

Just like my favourite jumper that slowly warms me, I have certainly warmed to Amaryllis and ‘Nova Initium’. The album is well produced and all the tracks well written with lyrics and melodies that soon become ear worms. One of my favourites is ‘Drown’, track seven on the album. I just love the raw driven guitar breaks interwoven with the evocative vocals and sing-along chorus. The whole album is definitely one for cranking up and raising the roof with.

So this one will go on my play list for when I am driving and I will definitely be trying to catch their live set at Camden Rocks on the 4th June.

And I think that is the secret to Amaryllis. They are easy to pick up but hard to put down. They are not trying to completely redefine the genre or necessarily push the boundaries but are rather subtlety shaping it into their own. It’s quite obviously they are passionate about what they do and by building on their strengths and nurturing their sound I can see them one day blooming into something exceptional.

0 0 00 Amaryllis group


Amaryllis are:
Sante Moonie – Vocals
Alex Whiteford – Guitar
Stewart Whiteford – Bass
Michael Mann – Drums



Marcus Halsey


You can listen to the album “Nova Initium” via BandCamp;


To find out more about Amaryllis, visit their sites using the links below;


“Nova Initium”
Physical Copy –
Digital –
Available to listen on Spotify –
Available to purchase on iTunes –





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