All My Dread – Endless



Artist: All My Dread
Single: Endless
Release: 23rd October 2016


All My Dread are a Metalcore quartet based in Exeter, in the south of England. Full of ambition, they formed as a band in late 2015.

In May 2016, the band released their debut single “Awakening”, accompanied by a music video, which is going to be included on their forthcoming debut album.
Five months after the release of their debut single, All My Dread have just released their second single “Endless”. It was produced by Ash Scott, probably the most exciting producer in the genre in the South West England today.
Their sound combines the powerful raw elements of thrash metal, with the modern influence of Metalcore and melodic riffs, which will do nothing but stick in your head to create a stand out sound that reminds you what Metal is really about. There is no doubt that All My Dread have a distinctive sound. They have a promising future ahead of them to make themselves and their music known across the UK. I am sure that “Endless” will be a huge stepping stone for them.



You can listen to “Endless” via iTunes and Spotify;



Earlier this week, I was given the opportunity to interview the band. Here it is:

Hi guys! Great to have you with us today. First of all, could you introduce yourselves?

Hi, I’m Isaac I play drums.

I’m Ryan. I play guitar and shout a lot in the hit metalcore band All My Dread.

Hey! I’m Ben. I shred tasty riffs!

Hello there, one is David; I slap da bass with ma band.

Thanks guys.
This must be a boring question for you, but I’m always interested! How did you all meet up and become a band?

We refreshed an old image of a previous band which Ryan was in. And Ryan already knew Dave from show in our local area. We found Isaac though Ryan from Reign Eternal. Ben joined the band recently following Anthony’s departure as he was going to University in Swansea.

Okay. How did you decide on All My Dread as your band name?

It sounded cool! Haha! We were looking at possibilities on websites including the word of the day on Instagram, looking for names. We had loads of stupid ones. But All My Dread was the coolest one!

I don’t know what else you came up with, but you made the best choice!
Who are your influences? Does everyone listen to similar music?

We are all relatively metal influenced, the typical things like Metallica and Pantera. But then Dave is a heavy Jazz user, sometimes Dave has to go cold turkey and throw away all the charity store records he buys, because he is slipping into a jazz scat addiction.

That’s very interesting! I suppose he comes up with some different ideas when you put together a song. How about the others?

Ben is very into 80’s rock, probably because he was alive in the 80s!Haha!

Ryan is a sentimental soul who is enthusiastic of all genres of music, for example Ryan’s favourite not metal band is Starsailor.

Isaac is into gangster rap, that’s where those sick rhythms come from.

Great to hear that you are all into a wide variety of music! How do you go about writing your songs?

We write a riff, then 2 minutes later, a hit record has been produced.

Okay. Well, you have just released your second single “Endless”. How have you been since you released the debut single “Awakening”?

We have played a few shows, which went down really well.

But recently, we have been focusing on getting the band back on track and getting stuff tight after Anthony left to be a physicist, and fixing our stadium lights from last time we played Glasto.

Great! And I hope the stadium lights are fixed safe and look beautiful!
Anyway, how would you describe “Endless”?

It is about a tough personal experience, involving an almost fatal incident with a close family member.

Okay. Yeah I can feel the pain through the song. I believe “Endless” has been released digitally. Where can we find the song?

You can find the best Metalcore song in the world on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon whatever it’s called, Deezer and all the other things that you can listen on online.

Awesome. I’m so excited about the release! You must be very excited too!

Hell yeah! Couldn’t wait to release another tuneeeeee!

Do you have a special gig planned for the release?

No, we are focusing on getting a tight set ready and recording more hit songs.

Sounds great! Tell us more, what is coming next from All My Dread?

We are focusing our time into making sure the songs we have written are able to translate well into good “records”. I mean, have you heard that song that goes “they watch me whip, they watch me nay nay”, lyrically its genius…. but the song doesn’t translate into a good groove.

Looking forward to hearing more music from you. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Dave and Isaac are single….

Alright! Hope the boys are still single when people read this interview haha
Thank you for your time! Good luck!

All My Dread debut single

(Teri Morris)

To find out more about Blank Atlas, visit their sites using the links below;



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