COPE – Tooth & Nail


Artist: COPE
New EP: Tooth & Nail 
Release Date: 13th October 2017

So almost a year has passed since I reviewed  C.O.P.E. ‘Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality’, the self-released debut EP from the newly formed, London based, heavy punk group COPE. Since then, the band has had a bit of a lineup change, but what hasn’t changed is their anti-establishment stance and social economical indignation.

Their new EP ‘Tooth & Nail’ is faster, heavier and has rage oozing out at the seams on each of the six tracks. I really wanted to like the new EP, but there are times that the vocals are just too guttural for my taste without anything to lift the emotions and stir the soul. As a result, for me at least, it just doesn’t have quite the same spark as their first EP, but it does still have some excellent music and memorable tracks.

The EP can be split into two musical styles, with tracks 1,3 and 5 much the same as short, fast paced, punk style tracks. Unfortunately with little deviation in the guitar, vocals or rhythm, they are almost immediately forgettable. That is said, I did quite like mid song break in ‘Neo Nasty’ and the galloping guitar outro to ‘Populism’. Despite their failings, the lyrical content is quite powerful like the line from ‘Neo Nasty’: “A brave new world fuelled by hate, Speak up now before it’s too late”

Much like a good book or film, I want music to take me on an emotional ride. It needs to have highs and lows with the occasional unexpected twist and that’s where tracks 2,4 and 6 deliver the goods.

Straight away the title track ‘Tooth and Nail’ starts off with more excited sounding guitars which offset Tom’s screams of defiance. Then the chorus comes in like the populous has lent their voice to the cause. After the second chorus there is a change of pace and a battle ensues between guitar and drums, with the drums definitely winning.

‘The Great Divide’ is my favourite track on the EP. The lighter, hopeful guitar during the chorus really puts the despairing lyrics into contrast. After the onslaught of the main song the long screaming guitar outro leaves you in a reflective mood but with hope for the future as it slowly fades away.

Ultimately I respect whatever direction COPE want to take their music, but if they continue to release the likes of ‘Tooth and Nail’ and ‘The Great Divide’, I will be with them all the way.

No matter what COPE do in the future, I am sure that they will follow their own advice:
‘Refuse, resist, don’t give into fear’
‘We’ll fight forever’
‘Tooth and nail’

COPE tooth

‘Tooth and Nail’ Track listing
1: Stray Bullets
2: Tooth & Nail
3: Neo Nasty
4: Many Faces
5: Populism
6: The Great Divide


COPE are:
Tom Walker – Vocals
Adam Bates – Bass & Vocals
Josh Bowles – Guitars
Ed Thompson – Guitars & Drums (on EP)
Rich Guy – Drums

*For fans of Feed The Rhino, Every Time I Die, Gallows at times, and any form of motivated punk/hardcore/riffs

Click below to read the review for COPE debut EP and the interview:
Challenge Oppression//Pursue Equality

Marcus Halsey

To find out more about COPE, visit their sites using the links below;




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