Sequoia Throne – Shattered Youth



Artist: Sequoia Throne
New Single: Shattered Youth
Release Date: 20th October 2017


Even if you have already heard of Sequoia Throne, like me, you probably know little more than what’s on their Facebook profile, that they are a newly formed five piece metal band from Northampton and their debut single ‘Shattered Youth’ is out on the 20th October. So finally through this shroud of mystery blasts their first track and it is an absolute belter.

The gentle, almost ethereal, plucked guitar draws you in at the start of the track. Then comes a subtle shift as the intensity increases turning the calm to uneasiness. Suddenly you are hit by the harsh vocals and and the realisation that things are not quite what you thought they were.

The forceful lyrics are never overly distorted to the point of incoherence but still drive home the anger and betrayal and you are definitely going to want to sing along to that haunting chorus of bitterness and resentment.

‘For these feelings I hold dear.
You swore to me.
That we were meant to be.
You lied to me.’

The guitars, bass and drums are superb without becoming overly fussy. Rather than vying for attention they complement the vocals, weaving the narrative all the way to the eerie outro that fades to a single siren like note.

This juxtaposition between screamed lyrics, heavy dropped guitar, frantic drums and the clean sung chorus is excellent and perfectly compliments the lyrical concept of trust given in faith and love that is broken by lies and deceit.

So if you like your metal with a bit of depth, both musically and emotionally, then you really need to check out Sequoia Throne.

Sequoia Throne  are:
Phill Walker          Vocals
Liam Spensley      Guitar
Jamie Hitchcock   Guitar
James Mortinas    Bass
Joe Linnell             Drums

Marcus Halsey

Click below to stream/purchase the song
Shattered Youth (ft Jake Barnes)

To find out more about Sequoia Throne, visit their sites using the links below:


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