CRY – Brontide


Artist: CRY
New EP: Brontide
Release Date: 29th September 2017

Hailing from the north of Wales, CRY finally released their second EP ‘Brontide’ on 29th September 2017. Almost a year ago, the band released their 4-track debut EP ‘Catch The Sun’ which was crafted with a bunch of riffs, rhythms and a slight indie flavour. Since then, they have been playing shows regularly, though releasing their new music was long awaited by their fans.


1. Labcoats
2. Tether
3. Charades
4. Fade

‘Brontide’ EP is highly tasteful, and nothing can take your mind off it once you start listening. CRY have created the sound carefully and have cleverly layered each song through the entire fourteen and a half minutes. Their moderately dark alternative tunes create a successful fusion which they have produce in their own particular style.

A few days ago, CRY took sometime out to be interviewed by us. They talked about the band and their new EP. Here it is!

Hi guys! Great to have you here today. 

Great to be here!

First of all, could you introduce yourselves?

We are Dylan, Hitch and Darren, or as a collective we’re CRY.

Thank you! This must be a boring question for you, but could you tell us how you all met up and became a band?

Well we’ve all played together in various bands and formations over the years. Hitch and Darren go way back and I (Dylan) came into the scene around 5 years ago.

Before CRY we all played together as part of a covers band but desperately wanted to be playing our own songs. Come mid-2015 we finally took that step and it’s been upwards since then! 

Great job, you did! How did you decide on CRY as your band name? 

We’d been tossing ideas around for a while and decided we wanted something short, bold but vague. Our music never really sticks to one style so we wanted a name that wouldn’t tag us with a genre. CRY came up as an idea and it just sounded and looked perfect! It’s also a 3 letter word for a 3 piece band.

I suppose it’s an eye-catching name and for ears too. It has been almost a year since your last release. How have you been? 

Busy! We didn’t really sit back and absorb the moment after our first release, we just went straight onto planning what’s next. So we’ve been out playing as much as possible as well as writing more material.

Sounds great! You have just released your new EP Brontide. 

Yes that’s right!

How would you describe this EP or songs? 

In comparison to our last release ‘Catch The Sun’, it’s certainly darker and leans more towards the Alternative sound, which we’ve adopted. We’ve always shined in a live situation and struggled to capture that in the studio, but Brontide is truer to our sound as a live band and individuals.

It sounds like a chance to give listeners who haven’t seen you live to get a feel of how it would be like. How do you normally go about writing your songs?  

With us, there’s really no set way that our songs are written. But very often our songs are born from very small ideas, which we build on and then are developed from playing them live together. We have found that the best songs seem to come together the quickest.

I see. Who are your influences? Does everyone in the band listen to similar music?

It’s interesting really… Generally we all have very different tastes in music. When it comes to our sound and songwriting, all these different flavours from our individual influences get thrown in and becomes something very different to how it began. And that is what defines our sound.

Saying that, we do have some common ground, which include Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Beatles and Queen.

Okay. Well, I’m so excited about the release! How are you feeling now?

We had some technical issues with our distributors, but that’s been sorted now and since it’s release it’s had a great reception. It’s a huge relief to finally let it into the world and we’re looking to what Brontide brings to the band in the near future. Surprisingly we’re already working on further material.

Fantastic! You seem to be quite active with live performances. What should we expect from your show?

We’re not the most mobile band on stage… But we concentrate on creating an atmosphere with our music and put as much energy as we can into every performance. Ironically we’ve had a handful of people actually cry during our performances hahah!

We play around with our set a lot, it’s never really the same twice. The music develops, for example songs from Catch The Sun may be quite different now. Our set consists of songs from both releases as well as unreleased music, new and old.

Any shows coming up soon?

We have a handful of private gigs coming up and then local gigs to finish off the year! Some of which include

Pie, Rhos on Sea on November 24th
The North, Rhyl on December 29th  

Is there anything else you would like to say? 

If you haven’t already please check out the new EP ‘Brontide’, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. And check out our social media!

Thank you for your time! Good luck! 

Thank you!!! (In Unison)

(Teri Morris)

‘Shuh’ from CRY‘s debut EP “Catch The Sun”


Now you can purchase and download ‘Brontide’ EP via the links below:

To find out more about CRY, visit their sites using the links below;

Official Website:


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