LifeLust release debut single “Nadir”


Single: Nadir
Artist: LifeLust
Released Date: 1 January 2018


Hailing from Cardiff, the alternative metal band LifeLust have released their debut single “Nadir” recently. Despite being a newly formed band, the track is very well produced; it’s bassy with the breakdowns coming rigorously in your ears. With a number of interesting and unusual riffs, it’s right up my street. Personally however, I do find the vocals a little hard to understand, so my only criticism would be a focus on improving their enunciation. Although it’s notoriously difficult to both scream and enunciate at the same time, it does a wonder for your music if you manage to nail it. The band mix many genres together within their overall sound of rock/metal, which serves to make their sound even more interesting. Having seen that this track is the first single from a recently formed band, I am impressed and thrilled. It’s a great start for the quartet and I will be keeping an eye out for their future music.

(Danny Langdon) 


For fans of Northlane, Heart Of A Coward and Architects.


Currently they’ve only released this single, but LifeLust are very much in full swing for either an EP or album release this year. LifeLust are definitely ones to watch!


To find out more about LifeLust, visit their sites using the links below:






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