Defining Lines to release “Fall Apart” (new single)




defining lines fall apart cover art

Defining Lines
New Single: Fall Apart
Release: 4th October 2019


Hailing from West Yorkshire, Defining Lines are a rising metalcore quintet. The band was formed in early 2018, though they have already released an EP “As Our Souls Depart” in the same year, and it resulted in them achieving over 80,000 plays across major streaming sites.

“Fall Apart” is their first single since the release of the EP, which has been long awaited. The track begins with superb intro which promises you that you are listening to a banger. They combine the fast paced sections and the slower melodic sections well. The band demonstrate captivating riffs, striking bass and drums, and fierce yet fascinating vocals, and all these elements create something fresh, unique and enchanting. This is a great start of their new phase.
Defining Lines explain that the track: “Fall Apart was written after the breakdown of a toxic relationship. The song carries the message that there is always a way out, and you shouldn’t be with someone physically or mentally controlling. You shouldn’t need to try to change someone.



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