Best of Enemies release “Bad News” new single (Premiere)


best of enemies bad news
Best Of Enemies
New Single: Bad News
Release: 24th October 2019


Hailing from the suburb of south London, Best of Enemies are a four piece alternative rock band, and they released their first EP “Stay Young, Trust Me” in 2014. Soon after, the band became well known to Music Matters. 

Their new single “Bad News” is the first single since they released the third EP “A Fear That Comes Around” in April this year. This time with“Bad News”, they collaborated with Michael Charman who produced the band’s first EP.  

“Bad News” begins with an intro that is performed with all the instruments and it is very well balanced and you already feel quite sentimental even before the vocals begin. Around the 36 second mark, some soothing vocals come in, which move the tack forward. Halfway through it gets more rhythmical with a punchy melody which is superbly crafted. You hear every single word throughout the song, which means it’s easy for listeners to relate to. If you turn the volume up and try to listen to every single element, you know how big this song is. Best of Enemies keep creating their music with a distinctive sound and succeed in bringing another breath of fresh air with “Bad News”.

The front-man Sam Christmas tells about this song: “It was inspired by all the face-palm moments and all the mess that’s come out of the UK in the last few years.”  and “All of our songs before have been written from personal experiences, so it was a welcomed change for us as a band to collaborate on the lyrics and really get across how we all feel about what’s happening right now over the world.”


Bad News – Lyrics

What’s going on in The Times today?
A man with his head in his hands says
“Here’s a solution to it all”

All you say leaves a dirty taste,
I just can’t seem to wash away
Your reasonings out of season,
I can’t believe what I’m hearing  

Oh my god it’s just all bad news
You decide to lie we’re designed to lose it all
Is it really all just bad news?

It’s all a rat race and handshakes
the end of the line,
where’s your plan, action man?
When You’re playing games, you’re playing with time
Instead of trying-
you’re just lying through the skin of your teeth
I’ve got a problem with these problems
Take a second to see
Keep on taking, keep on talking but not listening  

All these people we see they just can’t be real,
Tell me now is this really how you feel 

Your seasonings out of season,
I can’t believe what I’m hearing

Oh my god it’s just all bad news
You decide to lie we’re designed to lose it all
Is it really all this bad
Is it really all just bad news?

* “Bad News” is released via Undead Collective Records
Produced & mixed by Michael R Charman
Mastered by Pete Maher Mastering
Written and Performed by Best of Enemies & Alan Smith
Cover Artwork by Naomi Kvedaras

* Featured photo by Jessica Piochon Photography


Live Dates
Best of Enemies
are going to finish off the 2019 with two EU shows followed by their 
special London show. 

25.10 – Rock Classic Bar, Brussels, BE (with Tirade)
26.10 – Keep Moving Festival 2019, Bartenbach, DE
01.11 – Camden Assembly, London, UK (with MAVEN and Saltlake)


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