Scavengers – “Are We Alone Now?” (new EP)

Scavengers debut ep cover

Debut EP: Are We Alone Now?
Release: 30th April 2020



Hailing from South Wales, Scavengers, the four friendly neighbourhood lads stormed the world with “Bodysnatcher” in 2018. It was one of the most fresh and exciting debuts that I have experienced in recent years.

After listening to their previous three singles, you think you know what to expect from the band. But no, Scavengers keep you on your feet with their creativity. After releasing the three single in quite a short time, they released their debut EP “Are We Alone Now?” last week.

The EP starts with “Catch Me If You Can”, which was released as their third single. When you hear the irresistible fast tempo intro, you know you are going to have pretty enjoyable 20 minutes or so. The most noticeable element of this song is the bass line which is tight and effective. It forms the backbone of the tune. Read the review more about this song which is previously published : “Catch Me If You Can” (new single review)

The second track is “Deadlock”. This song was also released as a single. It begins with some appealing and catchy riffs which are enough to give you a grip on the song. The lyrics portray a feeling of frustration, and this gives you a hint of their inspiration from comic books. I give my thumbs up to every element of this song.

The the third track is “Ugly Things”.  The band bring you into a new zone with this previously unreleased song. They pump out the vocals and the chorus is strong. The sound is more alternative rock than ever. Their fan base is definitely going to expand.

“Making Friends with Skeletons” comes next, which was also one of the unreleased songs. It’s perhaps the heaviest and biggest song of all. The song has characteristics from each of the different band members, although the emphasis is on a synth type sound, which gives the track the atmosphere of orchestral performance. It’s all very well crafted.

“Follow Suit” is the fifth track, again unreleased previously. It starts off with a bit of a sentimental feel, but then brings you back into Scave-world 100%. You hear the appealing uptempo beat with driving riffs and energetic vocals. This song also strongly typifies their comic book mood.

The sixth and last track is “Self-Sacrifice Is An Art Form And You’re Not Very Creative” and is Scavengers‘ latest single. They maintain a slightly aggressive fast pace and a powerful captivating sound from start to finish. This track features guest vocals from Dafydd Richards of Nightlives.

“Are We Alone Now?” shows the different sides of their music that each single presents. This highly entertaining EP is a way to find how fresh and unique the Scavengers actually are. They are the one band you must keep your eyes on if you haven’t already.




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