DOWNFALL – “Bleed Into Life” (new single)


Downfall cover art
New Single: Bleed Into Life
Release: 6th May 2020


Bleed Into Life is the new single by Manchester metalcore band Downfall. A follow up to 2019’s debut EP ‘Breathe’, Bleed Into Life is a really well produced song and it shows there is a lot more to come from this band.

The song starts with radio broadcast warning, repeated over the eerie sound of static before a pulse kicks in, building excitement for what’s to come.

Everything about this track is hard hitting, and it gives you a real itching feeling to jump in a moshpit in the middle of Donnington. There’s something about the different levels of vocals that really sets them apart, from the usual screaming, Bleed Into Life goes into brief moments of almost System of a Down style, slightly strange rock vocals with the atmospheric, reverb heavy chorus that brings the track down to a Deftones vibe.

Downfall do a really good job of not overloading you on this song, with the calm yet upbeat chorus but also with a return, half way through, of the pulsing featured in the intro throwing you right back into the excitement building feeling you get at the start of the song, but also giving you chance to catch your breath.

Bleed Into Life ends with more static mixed with heavy breathing giving the feeling you’ve just been watching a horror film while also an insight into the energy you may have just exhausted after seeing Downfall live.

If you’re a fan of metalcore, Downfall should definitely be on your playlist. They’re absolutely one to watch and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them somewhere on the lineup at Download festival in a few years.

–  Chris Brain

Visual: created by Kalvin Walton (Cut Short)




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