Mosaic – “Wear It Like A Pumpkin Pie” (debut EP)

Mosaic EP CoverArt - 1 Front

EP: Wear It Like A Pumpkin Pie


Hailing from Bristol, Mosaic are an alt-rock trio who just brought a breath of fresh air with their 5-track EP “Wear It Like A Pumpkin Pie” which was released on 10th April 2020.

The band kicks off the EP with the first track I’d Gladly Wait. The song begins with the drum solo which already makes you get interested, then the strings join in nicely. The vocals are authentic and they melt in the tune pleasantly. The well paced tempo and bouncy melody keep you moving all the way through this uplifting, infectious song. It’s a perfect opening to the EP.

The second track is Two & Three, which changes the mood totally. It is a slightly heavier sound than the previous song and has a twist of comedy in there. It features a well-structured bass line and the cleverly crafted riffs, as well as the vocals provide some fantastic harmonies. It is accompanied by the music video which is fun to watch.

Gone is the third track. After a slow start from the vocals, this track gradually gets faster. In between the vocal parts, you are met with a stunning melody with the guitar which makes you feel somewhat melancholic.  This is probably the most uniquely crafted track of all.

The band then move on to the next track Chasing Tiles, which begins with a pop punk type vocal, but the song doesn’t completely go the pop punk way. It has more of an indie rock vibe with stunning guitar sound. Again, you find some effective harmonies here.

The fifth and the final tracks is Leave the Rest Behind, which brings you back to the kind of the atmosphere that the EP had at the start, but it’s stronger as they show what they are capable of.

Mosaic have crafted this EP “Wear It Like A Pumpkin Pie” with some flavours of pop punk, grunge and straightforward indie.  This means that they have something captivating because you can’t categorise their music into one genre. The bass player of the band, Chris recently said, “we just write the songs, sometimes they’re alt rock, sometimes pop punk, sometimes pop rock, we just do it!! We found that everyone had a different favourite song from our EP, and that’s  cool!” As Mosaic take you into their refreshing musical world, This EP comes as a great introduction to the band. I am sure that there will be a lot more to come from them.



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