Liquid State – Face To Face (new single)

Liquid State _ Face To Face Artwork (1)
Liquid State
Single: Face To Face


Hailing from Bristol, Liquid State are an Alt-Rock/Post Hardcore band based in Bristol, one of the musically most active cities in UK. Face To Face is their first single since the band released a classy rock song China Dolls last September. The new song has been long awaited by their fans.

Face To Face begins with a drum sound momentarily, and moves straight into the heavy intro where each instrument shows off their skill. Keren’s vocal is edgy and her anger and growing frustration at the manipulation and control in society is superbly expressed. She combines the clean vocals alongside the unclean parts very well. This quartet are extremely talented and have crafted this fierce song in exactly the way they intended. Face To Face are successful in convincing you that there really is substance to what they do. This is a song which – when you can – you must experience live as you can really feel their energy. I can just see crowd enthusiastically singing and shouting the song back at the band.

This new track is accompanied by the music video, which is definitely tempestuous and eventful even casting and locations were limited during this difficult time.




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