The Shed Project – “Bedtime” (new single)

The Shed Project
Single: Bedtime
Release: 13.11.20

Hailing from Bolton, The Shed Project is an indie rock band originally formed in 2017. Since then, the band was completed as a five-piece and released their debut single Livin in January this year. Today their new single Bedtime is released and is their 5th single.

Bedtime begins with a gentle guitar intro which is clean and calm and is very appealing. Then gradually all other instruments join in, to what is a brilliant start to this song. The vocal delivers a melancholic mood very well. The rhythm flows naturally into you and I am sure that you will be singing along after a few listens. The song gives you a warm, encouraging feeling and comforting emotions. This is a hidden gem that will be the best song for you to chill out to this Christmas.

Recently The Shed Project gave us some time for the interview. You will get to know the band better.

Hello, The Shed Project! Thanks for talking to us today! Who are we having here today?

Hi we are The Shed Project from Bolton in the U.K.
And we are Roy (vocals), Tim (lead guitar), John (rhythm guitar), Vince (bass) and Karl (drums).

Thank you for introducing yourselves. How have you been doing during this strange and difficult time?

We have all been cracking on with our day jobs in these difficult times, but it has enabled us to get our music out there to the public. It’s giving us the chance to start rehearsing in the studio to and that’s coming along nicely.

That sounds encouraging. You are just about releasing your new and the fifth single “Bedtime”. How would you describe this song in your own words?  

The song is a melodic journey of sadness turned into a positive thing easy listening for the masses.

This time, you are teaming up with your local mental health and addiction organization WhysUp based in Bolton. What made you decide this idea and what do you actually do as a team?

We have supported Whysup since they started a few years ago, and the amazing things they do for mental health and addiction. Roy wrote this song about the time he learned his mum had been diagnosed with cancer and didn’t have long to live, and at the same time he found out his brother was a herion addict. A very challenging time for him mentally so writing this tune turned a negative into a positive.

Thank you for sharing the story. And good on you guys! Can you tell us about the cover photo of “Bedtime”?

The cover is a picture of Roy around 1985 looking deep in thought, but most probably he was bored!

It really gives a nostalgic feeling! How do you normally go about writing your songs? Is it the same for “Bedtime”?

The songs normally start with John jamming a guitar part on his acoustic, then Roy putting the lyrics to them. Tim then comes in with arrangements and lifts the demos to real tunes, then we all do our parts. It’s been a similar process for all of our tunes.

Okay. What are your influences with regards to your music?

I’m sure you can hear The Roses, The Mondays, Shed 7, Cast, The Verve, The Las in all of our tunes.

Definitely. Does everyone in your band listen to similar music or musicians?

We are all of a similar age have virtually grown up together, so yes we all are into similar kinds of music but nothing is off limits. Vinces Record collection is enormous.

I can imagine. Who or which bands do you dream to share a stage with?

Anybody who will have us. We would be happy doing our local boozer on front of our family and pals at the moment, but a support slot with The Stone Roses or a reformed Oasis would be nice.

What will be coming from The Shed Project next?

We are currently in reahersals for gigs at Big Unit Studios Bolton, so hopefully we can announce something soon. The album is gonna be worked on to Hopefully for a release around April next year.

Sounds great. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thanks for having us and thanks for the support it means a lot that our tunes that are done in a shed can be heard. People can hear our tunes on all the major digital outlets Spotify, Apple music etc. You can also catch us on social media Facebook@theshedmusic40, Instagram@theshedproject_band, Twitter@project_shed. New single Bedtime available Friday 13th November, so stay tuned Shed Heads!

Thank you for your time! Good luck!

– Teri Morris

Know Whysup click here
Help Whysup click here

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