All Debts Aside – Transparency



EP: “Transparency” by All Debts Aside
Released: 15th March 2015
–  Who We Are
–  Soma
–  Lost And Forgotten

Today I am sharing music from All Debts Aside. They are a metalcore/hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
They have been together for about 3 years, and their first EP “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To” was released almost 2 yeas ago. I only discovered them recently however and quickly requested an interview after listening to their music. You  can read the interview further down this page.

If you were to describe All Debts Aside, some might label them as a metalcore band with hardcore influences, or something along those lines. Since they began back in 2012, they have been a two-person band (Chris and Dillon). The two of them have similar musical interests, but with enough variation so that they have different influences that they can both bring to the table. They record all of their music themselves. Everything we hear has been mixed and mastered by their very own Chris. He really does an amazing job and is always working on improving his recordings as well as their overall sound. They both contribute a great deal to the writing process as well. They write their songs about their own personal experiences and/or observations.

“Who We Are” is from their new EP “Transparency”. This track is the catchiest metalcore song that All Debts Aside have produced so far. It is easy to listen to even if you are not necessarily into their kind of music.

“When You Play With Fire” is from their EP Breaking Down the Common Ground”(2014). This track is my personal favourite.

You can listen to all the songs from their three EPs via YouTube, BandCamp and several websites which are noted at the bottom of this page.


Even with such a short notice and despite his busy life, Dillon has kindly accepted the interview, and took his time in answering the questions.

MM: Hello! Can I ask you to introduce yourselves? Your names, your parts in the band, your interests and hobbies?

Dillon: Hi my name is Dillon Carey and I play drums in All Debts Aside along with our guitarist and lead vocalist, Chris Diana. Other than music, we both are really into cars and sort of extreme sports such as skateboarding and motocross.

MM: Thank you. Could you tell me how All Debts Aside came up with the band name? 

Dillon: So we both were in many bands in our lives thus far, and had to go through a lot of the struggles and sacrifices that go with being in a band, making music, and even just life in general. The line from our song “End of Composure” that says “I paid my time now I’m drawing the line” means we’ve paid our dues, now it’s our time. So the name All Debts Aside means we’re putting everything we’ve been through and endured behind us, and our time is now.

MM: That sounds serious! Good on you! How did you meet up and become a band?

Dillon: Well we both have been in local bands throughout our lives. I remember playing a show with Chris’s old band at a local Pittsburgh venue for their CD release show I believe. At the time I worked with his girlfriend at a retail store job, and she told me that Chris and I actually had similar tastes music. So we eventually met up to jam and it turned out really well! We seemed to have the same vision for the sound we wanted the band to have. We then recorded our songs ourselves, Chris went to school for that reason actually so that really came in handy. Since then we’ve just continued writing and putting out music and people, including ourselves, really seem to like it.

MM: That’s great! Well, can you tell me how you go about writing your songs?

Dillon: Sure! The general process starts with one of us having an idea, this could be a riff or a complete song with everylyrics, guitar parts we like or don’t like, really anything within the song. Then after the final recording of everything is basic component there. Then we show each other our ideas and collaborate on everything. We help each other with done, Chris will mix and master everything. He then shows me the final draft so we can both listen to it a million times. After we pick out the changes or adjustments that we need to make and our happy with the final product, the song is released or ready to be released.

MM: Great! Are you planning to release an album in near future?

Dillon: We have two more songs to release off of our current EP, Transparency. These both should be out very soon. After that all I can say is that we have a lot of inspiration and ideas that I’m really looking forward to working with.

MM: Oh yes. Your EP Transparency was only released 3 months ago, so we should have more time to enjoy it. By the way, you are based in Pittsburgh, right? What is the music scene there like?

Dillon: I would say the music scene in Pittsburgh is fairly small compared to some cities out there. You have your select few places to play depending on the size of your band, and then after that you really have to reach out further than Pittsburgh to play. So you sometimes see local bands doing little tours to overcome that.

MM: Okay. Do you have any plans for live performances in the near future? 

Dillon: We have talked about this a lot lately with more and more people asking about it. Our main concern right now is finding the right members for the band so that our live performance can be exactly what we want it to be. However, if you have been staying up to date with our Twitter and Instagram accounts, you will see we’ve been working with this new video streaming app called Periscope. We have a lot of plans for using this app in the future for Q&A’s, live studio updates, and even a live stream show/song playthrough. So we’re pumped for that as well!

MM: Thank you very much for your time answering the questions! Good luck!

11 ADA 2

To find out more about All Debts Aside, visit their sites using the links below;


11 ADA 3



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