Cute Cute Death – Pockets


[New Release]  Single
“Pockets” by Cute Cute Death
Released on 03.06.15

In exactly a week’s time, the powerful progressive and energetic post-hardcore band Cute Cute Death is releasing their mini-album “Vessels”. Recently we interviewed the band, which you can read further below.

Their single “Pockets” was released two months ago, so a lot of readers here might have already listened to the track.
“Pockets” takes inspiration from “Animal Farm” and real life situations, where greed and power are taken to the extreme, where eventually even the “top dogs” get taken down by their own greed. What the band says is that “Pockets” talks about the frustration people have as workers in life, living at the mercy of employers that don’t recognise or reward their efforts and achievements. It’s aimed at the capitalist mentality, rather than a particular company or person. Expressing the feelings and anger you build when you are under appreciated by anything or anyone, taken by other peoples greed and astounded they can live with themselves. It is definitely a mixed bag of light and shade, with brutal sections of grinding throw-down to have you singing along in burnout melancholy, then tearing up your bedroom simultaneously… Something you can expect from Vessels.
Cute Cute Death is definitely the band you should check out.


Last week, Cute Cute Death kindly took some time out for our interview.

MM: Hello! First of all, can you introduce yourselves? Your names, your roles in the band, and your interests, hobbies, that kind of thing?

CCD: Hey what’s up! We are CUTE CUTE DEΔTH.
I’m Niko on Vocals, Johnny and Ricky on guitars, Rob on bass and Wayne on drums.
Creating music and art is definitely an interest, hobby and lifestyle of ours. We would hope! Between us we dabble in photography, graphic design, film composition, audio design and audio engineering …so a bit of a mashup of interests that actually works to our advantage.

MM: Interesting! You guys seem to be all very creative! Could you tell me how you all met up and became a band?

CCD: The original lineup came from South Africa and then advertised for a vocalist… I found the guys online and then through many flaky musos we eventually found Rob and Ricky which completed the lineup and here we are! Not quite that easy but that’s the basics of it really.

MM: How did you decide on Cute Cute Death as your band name?

CCD: It came out of the concept of the brutality featured in the ‘Planet Earth’ series. A director, friend of ours was watching a baby seal being circled by a trio of killer whales…. They all circled around the seal and collectively knocked him off into the water and ate him. His response to this kind of show was “I just can’t watch it anymore….it’s like Cute Cute Death”. I thought this was pretty novel and put it to the band and we thought it was odd enough to work!

MM: Who are your influences? Does everyone listen to similar bands?

CCD: We pretty much like the same avenue of music so to speak. A broad scoop of everything that encapsulates…Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Djent, Tech Metal, Punk and Funk Rock….etc…etc… so between us you might hear us listening to anything between Thrice, Chilli’s, Architects, Alexisonfire, city and colour to Ryan Adams and maybe with a bit of Jazz thrown in there somewhere.

MM: That’s great!
I believe “Pockets” is officially your debut single. I find your sound is quite distinctive. How do you go about writing your songs?

CCD: We take inspirations from lots of artists both hard and soft, and just roll with how we feel at the time. We might have one idea in our heads and once we start working on a song and go where it takes us, as we all have our input, we usually end up with something totaly different to what it started out as. We feel that is what makes a band though, and not having one person do all the writing and everyone else just playing along.

MM: I hear that your album “Vessels” will be released on 10th of August. Can you tell me a bit about it? How many tracks are there?

CCD: At the moment “Vessels” is set to have 10 tracks. They are all quite distinctly Cute Cute Death, despite having slightly different styles and levels of power and melody within. We hope people like that the album has some diverse levels of metal, screamo, rock and even acoustic. So it’s really been a journey for us writing these songs. As a band, we’ve made a conscious effort not to rush tracks for the sake of finishing. We wanted something to be proud of, so we hope you think it was worth it?

MM: I’m very excited about your mini-album “Vessels” after listening “Pockets”. How would you describe “Vessels”?

CCD: Vessels is gutsy, it’s from the heart and has a lot of levels for people to listen and think about meanings and themes. We’ve taken some heavy inspiration from bands like Underoath, 36 Crazy fists and Sikth…So mellower inspiration from the likes of Incubus and Alexisonfire and some epic anthems vibes from Devil Sold His Soul, Emarosa, The Elijah and Glassjaw. Cute Cute Death is all about what you feel when experiencing the songs and hope to create a bit of a journey when listening the album through!

MM: You must be very excited, surely more than me!

CCD: Heeeeeeeeeeell Yeah! We can’t wait to see what people think of this and hopefully rock out to this in their cars, clubs and infront of their mirror in pants….

MM: Haha I hope so too! Are you planning something special for launching this album?

CCD: A small tour mid august starting on the 17th and heading top down from Glasgow, we hope to make it to as many towns as we can, it’s all D.I.Y at the moment, so we’re doing the best we can to get out to the masses on our own… like most bands do when they start out.(smile)

MM: Awesome! Is there anything else you would like to say?

CCD: Come down to our shows, like us online, tell us you love us or hate us… just do something… cause your scene needs you !!

MM: I’ll say it again! I am very excited about your album release, and can’t wait to listen to it!!

CCD: We are really glad you are and we sure as hell can’t wait to show you!(smile) Tell everyone to keep their eyes and ears peeled as it’s on it’s way!

MM: Thank you for your time!

* Unfortunately a few days ago, they announced that their tour has been postponed to November.

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To find out more about Cute Cute Death, visit their sites using the links below;

Twitter: @cutecutedeath

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