Patient Sixty-Seven – Imbalance

[New Release]
“Imbalance” by Patient Sixty-Seven
Debut EP
Released on 26th July 2015

Today I am sharing the brand new debut EP from Patient Sixty-Seven. They are probably one of the most wanted young metalcore bands based in Australia, and the release of their debut EP has been eagerly awaited by many. In late February, we interviewed the vocalist Tom during the period the band was recording the EP. We interviewed him again recently, which you can read further down on this page.

“Imbalance” is a fine piece of well-produced music by the young enthusiastic band.
The EP is made up of 7 tracks. The first track is “Awakening”, which I suppose acts as a prologue to the EP. It is a short instrumental tune with an electro sound, and probably gives you the feel of the movie Shutter Island. The second track is “The Ken Burns Effect”. This song was originally released as their second single in October last year. They have introduced a freshness to their sound with the third track “I Can Resist Anything, Except Temptation”, the fourth “Lawyered” and another short track “Seek (Interlude)”. The flow is excellent. The next track is “Gustavo Bling”. I would say that this song is a fan favourite, and is well known as their debut single. This is one of the most important tracks on the EP, besides the last track and the title track “Imbalance”. It seems that over the EP they have been searching for their identity as Patient Sixty-Seven. And through it, I think they might have found a direction for their sound. Patient Sixty-Seven have produced something more than what you would expect from a debut EP. Overall, this EP is very well and cleverly coordinated.

You can listen to the all songs from “Imbalance” via YouTube.
Total EP stream:

EP “Imbalance” on BandCamp

A few days before the EP release day, we had a chance to interview the frontman of Patient Sixty-Seven, Tom Kiely.

MM: Hello! It has been almost 5 months since we interviewed you last time.
How have you been?

Tom: Really well thanks!
Super busy, but that’s probably not a bad thing.

MM: I can imagine! Your debut EP “Imbalance” is going to be released within a week. How are you feeling about it?

Tom: Excited – just really eager to get it out there and to have that first release available for people to check out.

MM: The 2 singles previously released are included, which I’m glad about. Could you describe the other songs with your own words?

Tom: Probably bringing something different to the table in each of the new tracks. As a band we are still very much finding our sound, and these new songs are a good platform for what’s to come in the future.
We think we’ve been able to keep things fresh on each of the tracks, but as I say – this EP is hopefully a chance to build on ourselves as a band.

MM: Do you personally have a favourite song in the EP?

Tom: I’d have to say I really enjoy both the title track Imbalance, and Ken Burns.
Both songs cover things that are important to me – and I think they’re definitely relatable in terms of lyrical content and their message.

MM: I think I’d probably agree with you about that! Ken Burns gives me more impact this time around and Imbalance means a lot. Well, I suppose you have been playing these new songs in recent shows. What sort of reactions did you find from fans?

Tom: Really positive. Our close friends who often come to our gigs have been giving us positive feedback – but we’re definitely looking to improve on our live shows to give people who are there the best possible experience. We’re always very thankful for those who take the time to come and watch us.

MM: Great! Can we expect a new music video from you sometime soon?

Tom: It’s on the cards, but nothing confirmed as of yet!

MM: Okay. Also do you have any shows planned near future?

Tom: We’re playing our EP launch show on August 7th in Leederville! We’re hoping to make this show huge and we can’t wait for it.

MM: We can’t wait for the release of your EP “Imbalance”! Thank you for your time!

Tom: Thank you so much for your support.

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Here are the details about Patient Sixty-Seven‘s EP launch show. If you are in or near Perth in Australia, you can’t miss this show!
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If you want to know more about Patient Sixty-Seven, click the links below;

Twitter: @patient67band
Triple J Unearthed:

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