Breathe In The Silence – Hold My Heart



New EP: Hold My Heart
Artist: Breathe In The Silence
Release Date: 2nd September 2016


It may be two years since the release of their debut self-titled EP, but the Welsh quintet Breathe In The Silence have certainly been keeping themselves busy during that time. Their live performance resume is certainly impressive having played Download Festival, Oxjam Festival and Butserfest to name a few.

My initial thought when I first listened to Breathe In The Silence was ‘How have I not heard of these guys before?’ so if you have not listened to them before you are in for a real sonic treat from their new EP ‘Hold My Heart’ released on the 2nd September 2016.


The dynamic range of the tracks shows a musical maturity often missing in young bands. There are plenty of screaming vocals, frantic drums and guttural guitars to get the pulse racing and your feet jumping but the calmer melodic refrains add that extra depth and emotion to the tracks. This style of music can often fall victim of repetitive sounding tracks but each song on the EP is layered with energetic melodies keeping them fresh for your ears.

The EP opens with the EP’s title track ’Hold My Heart’ a softer emotive piece that feels more of an intro track than a full song. That said this 2 minutes and 16 seconds track is full of goose bump educing emotional soaring vocals and echoing guitar. It is the perfect juxtaposition for the following track that hits you head on with full force.

Dropping straight in with hard hitting drums and a throaty scream track 2 ‘Promised Land’ showcases the band’s heavier side with harsher guitar riffs and screamed lyrics. The rest of the tracks ‘Barricade’, ‘Devil’s Peak’ and ‘I Believe In Hell Therefore I Am’ follow a similar theme with quieter moments offsetting the raucous vocals and dancing guitars. I particularly enjoyed the changing tempos and dynamic rhythms in the final track ‘I Believe In Hell Therefore I Am’.


Breathe In The Silence have UK and European dates planned for their EP release, certainly proof that the band continues to going from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see what the future brings them.

Breathe In The Silence are:
Adamross Williams: Vocals
Jake Bowen : Bass/Vocals
Nathan Campfield : Guitar
Zakk Joshua : Guitar
Thom Pike : Drums

*Alex-Jay Photography





The band are going to sit down for our interview when they are back from the tour. Exciting times!

Marcus Halsey


To find out more about Breathe In The Silence, visit their sites using the links below;……



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