High Rise – Left It For Everything

New EP: Left It For Everything
Artist: High Rise
Release Date: 16th September 2016

High Rise are a 5 piece post hardcore band from London, England who have just released their EP entitled ‘Left It For Everything’, which has to be said is a very good effort by the band.

The opening song ‘Hands Untied’ kicks you straight into the feel of the EP with it’s crunching riffs coupled with some soaring guitars, which immediately takes me back to what post hardcore was all about, that feel good bounce that very few bands manage to capture whist still paying homage to its heavier hardcore roots. what strikes me most about this EP is that they haven’t tried to over complicate the music which you see all too often these days, and they are unapologetically simple but it works extremely well.
The EP from start to finish was a great listen and very well produced with both scream and clean vocals complimenting each other and creating layers, the only drawback I personally had with the EP was that I would have liked to hear the band have a little bit more variety as it would have helped to break it up slightly. But, having said that, when you find a style that works which clearly these lads have, it begs the question why change?
Overall a great release by the band and if they keep it up I can see them snowballing which would be no more than they deserve based on this release.
For fans of: Underoath, Architects, Memphis May Fire.
Track to listen to: Piece By Piece
Overall 4/5

Left It For Everything
Hands Untied
Piece by Piece

Piece By Piece

Damon Rieter

To find out more about High Rise, visit their sites using the links below;


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