Autumn Ruin – We Make Our Own Damn Luck


New EP: We Make Our Own Damn Luck
Artist: Autumn Ruin
Release Date: 2nd September 2016


Autumn Ruin are an alt rock quintet, hailing from Manchester, that have been gaining great momentum and recognition recently.

I first heard them a couple of years ago, quite by chance, and was instantly taken by their sound, talent and energy. Since then they have released three singles, had tracks aired on Kerrang and Scuzz and have played shows alongside the likes of Young Guns, Don Broco, The Hoosiers and Room 94. They are one of the few bands that after hearing one song I knew I wanted to see them live. I had to wait until this year to do so, but have now had the pleasure of seeing them play twice and I was not disappointed. They are a brilliant, energetic live band and some of the nicest guys you could wish to meet.

The 2nd September saw the release of their debut EP “We Make Our Own Damn Luck“ via Square State Records. I was delighted to find that it includes a new version of “Forward” which was the first song of theirs I ever heard. This 5 track EP has more ear worms than some bands manage on a whole album, which is just testament to Autumn Ruin’s musical talent.




We Make Our Own Damn Luck
1. We Make Our Own Damn Luck
2. Rewrite
3. OneTwoThree
4. Forward
5. No One Does We (Like We Do)

For Fans Of: You Me At Six, Mallory Knox, Young Guns




1: We Make Our Own Damn Luck
The title track of the EP is a slow builder and perfect as an opener. Carried at first by Alistair’s vocal talents until the guitars come crashing in for the chorus, where there are plenty of “Whoa Whooaah” opportunities for you to sing along to even without knowing the words. The whole track is a sonic rollercoaster that just keeps delivering, slowing almost to a complete stop with Alistair repeating “Hold On! Hold on!” before descending into a frantic home stretch and a screaming stop.

2: Rewrite
A mellower track with a more pop feel. It’s a reflective song about making changes in your life. Starting with acoustic guitar and vocals you will also find strings and piano in there along with more “Whoa Whooaah” occasions. I can see this track striking a chord with the band’s fan base and one they will be singing “This is not who I want to be!” along to.

3: OneTwoThree
This track grabs you from the start and is one of the catchiest tunes on the EP it’s almost impossible not to sing along to over and over again!. It’s great to hear the rest of the guys adding their vocal talents to the chorus.

4: Forward
My personal favourite track on the EP but for good reason. I feel it really showcases the band’s abilities and pretty much sums up their attitude of striving towards a goal, never giving up no matter what obstacles are put in your way “Two steps forward, two steps back. We’re not going to get very far like that!”. Very much a track to get the crowd jumping and singing as demonstrated at their live shows.

5: No One Does We (Like We Do)
An emotive, epic end to the EP. It’s the kind of track that I can imagine played to a stadium full of fans waving their arms and singing along and I truly hope that one day Autumn Ruin get to do just that.

I think these guys really do make their own damn luck! But it’s unquestionably through hard work and dedication to a collective goal. Definitely a band that is going places and I for one want to join them on that ride, wherever that may take me!

Forward, forward till the end!

Autumn Ruin are:
Alistair Carrington – Vocals
Rob Galley – Guitar
Alistair Dowey – Guitar
Robert Lafferty – Bass
Sam Gibson – Drums

Marcus Halsey


To find out more about Autumn Ruin, visit their sites using the links below;




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