Brightlight City – Our Future’s Not Dead


Artist: Brightlight City
EP: Our Future’s Not Dead
Release Date: 7th April 2017

Released on 7th April this year, via Undead Collective Records, comes the latest EP from the fantastic five piece Brightlight City. ‘Our Future’s Not Dead’ may only be a four track fifteen minute EP, but what it lacks in quantity it certainly delivers in quality. From start to finish, this alt-rock infused feast delivers untold aural pleasure. The dynamic vocals of Jamie Giarraputo weave the profound lyrics into raw emotion, blend that with ethereal backing harmonies and echoing phrases, vibrant rhythms and poignant guitar and you end up with what can only be described as sonic sorcery.

Our Future's Not Dead Artwork

Our Future’s Not Dead track listing:
1. It Depends On You
2. Leave A Light On
3. Heart Stops
4. Past/Future

The EP opens with ‘It Depends On You’ which has pure rock anthem written all over it. This hard hitting defiance song with topical lyrics is sure to make for an instant crowd pleaser. The guitar refrains, percussion and lyrics are uncomplicated to start but as the intensity of the songs grows so does the intricacy. For me this song is all about the chorus as it is just so infectious. ‘This is a warning!’

The second track ‘Leave A light On’ has a lighter almost mellow feel with some great guitar phrases and smooth drums which fantastically counterpoint the solemn lyrics of living life on the breadline and the effects that can have on a relationship.

‘Heart Stops’ is a light hearted track with a slightly pop punk feel and is most definitely a party song. So just like the song says ‘Keep singing this song, on and on repeating.’

The final track is ‘Past/Future’ and it’s from the lyrics of this song that the EP derives its name. Featuring some grungy chunking guitars and interesting rhythmic changes this is not your usual alternate rock offering. A thought provoking piece in these uncertain times that certainly left me contemplating the future but at the same time feeling somehow inspired.

It’s not often that just four tracks can make such an impact but that is what the guys at Brightlight City have achieved with the aid of Matt Hyde (Funeral For A Friend, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot) so I was unsurprised to find out that the track ‘It Depends On You’ has already been featured on Kerrang radio’s ‘Fresh Blood’ show and I am sure that we will all hear plenty more from Brightlight City in the coming months.

blc group

Brightlight City are:
Jamie Giarraputo: Vocals
Justin Giarraputo: Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan Staunton: Guitar
Tom Stock: Bass/Vocals
Ben Bell: Drums

Words:  Marcus Halsey

To find out more about BRIGHTLIGHT CITY, visit their sites using the links
Official Website:


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