Seven Stories High – Apathy


Artist: Seven Stories High
Single: Apathy
EP: Deadweight
Release Date: 24th November 2017


Since they released the self-titled debut EP in January 2015, Swansea based quintet Seven Stories High have been stepping slowly but steadily. Their long-awaited second EP “Take The Long Road Home” was released in May 2016. The band showed their strong pop punk vibes with alternative rock flavour and cemented their original sound for their listeners.

“Apathy” is a lead single from their forthcoming 4-track EP “Deadweight” which is due to be released on 24th November 2017. The track gives you a fun loving vibe and has great energy, also the sound is tighter than ever.

You can listen to “Apathy” via YouTube as well as BandCamp below;



Their new EP “Deadweight” will be self released and you can pre-order it here;
Pre-order ‘Deadweight’ now


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(Teri Morris)


To find out more about Seven Stories High, visit their sites using the links below;





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