TrueHeights – City Lies (Charity Campaign Song)



Artist: TrueHeights
Charity Single: City Lies (acoustic) 
Release Date: 22nd December 2017


Hailing from Leamington Spa, a six-piece Alternative Rock band TrueHeights were formed in 2014.  Then the band worked with the highly commended producer, Matt O’Grady (YouMeAtSix, Deaf Havana, Don Broco and more) for a 6-track mini album ‘TH15’ which showcases an unique blend of ambience and anthemic UK rock. And the album was released in the summer of 2015. All three singles from ‘TH15’ were well received by music fans as well as the mainstream radios such as BBC Radio 1, Kerrang and Touch FM. Following the success of the mini album supported by touring across the UK and Europe last 12 months, the band have been in the process of writing and recording their debut album with Matt O’Grady, and it is scheduled for release in early 2018.

Meantime, TrueHeights announced the release of their charity acoustic single, City Lies, which is due to be out on 22nd December. This is to support Bedfordshire & Northamptonshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre. This charity is very close to the band, especially Kris (Drummer). Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a condition that affects your brain and spinal cord. In MS, the coating that protects your nerves (myelin) is damaged, and this causes a range of symptoms. You can read more about the condition and related issues here: MS Symptoms


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Recently we caught up with Kris and asked him about the charity and the future of the band. Here it is;

Hello, Kris! Thanks for talking to us today! 

How are you?

Very well thank you.

Your band TrueHeights are just about to release a charity single “City Lies” to support Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre. Could you tell us about the centre?

I visited the centre last month to see first hand the work they were doing for their patients and it was astounding! Their aim is to keep people with MS as independent for as long as possible through therapy and counselling. The centre receives no government or local funding as is run purely on donations. This is why I feel it is necessary to help where I can, They are providing so many people with a better quality of life.

Oh I see. Would you mind explaining to us what made you decide to publicly support them?

A few years ago my uncle was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. This is a very rare and very aggressive form of MS that has left my uncle unable to walk and, some days, unable to see. It broke my heart to see him and his family suffer and so I decided to do something about it. Visited the therapy centre this year really opened my eyes and I knew exactly what needed to be done. 

Thank you Kris for sharing this. I believe “City Lies” is your original song. How was the song written?

City lies was actually written several years ago on our first record, titled “TH15” and was written as a sort of anthemic “Stadium song”. We have since re-worked the song from electronic alt rock to acoustic and I think it really matches the feel of the whole campaign. The song and lyrics are kind of up for interpretation by I think it speaks a great deal of hope and change. 

Have all of the band got involved in some way?  

From day one, we have always worked as a close team. We are all best friends as well as writing partners and that has shaped the way the music comes out. This is everyone’s song and I think that’s what makes it so big!

How has Connor Ball from The Vamps got to produce the song?

Connor is a good friend of ours and at the start of the year, we began recording ideas with him. We are very lucky to have such a talented dude involved in our production and no matter how busy he gets he always has time to help us out.

Okay. I heard that several other bands are involved in the video for this song. Who is appearing? And how did you get them involved?

Once the song was written and recorded we knew we had something special. We all sat around and came up with ideas on how to involve more people, how to cast the widest net possible and get people listening and donating. We landed on a lyric video whereby celebrities would hold up the lyrics for us. So we sent out a few emails and the response was truly humbling. Everyone we contacted seemed interested in helping the cause and so we got to work making the video! Nothing But Thieves, The Smiths and Madina Lake all fell into place really quickly as well as a few local bands that we love like Go Primitive and BLOXX. We even involved a few fans of our own. 

That’s fantastic! Where can we find the song? And how can we support the charity?

You will be able to find the song all over social media on the 22nd of December. The song is free to download with an option to donate to the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre. Just head over to the TrueHeights Facebook page to be updated on the release. Our hope is that everyone who downloads the track will donate a pound… or more.

Do you have a special event planned for the release?

We have some incredible news coming up in the first weeks of Jan but I’m not allowed to talk about that just yet.

You are doing something fantastic. Everyone around you must be very proud of you. Keep up with your great work!

How do TrueHeights normally go about writing songs?

Well usually Zakk or Alex come into the practice room with a chorus and we go from there. We all slowly add to the song, try different styles, Tempo’s etc, until we have a beast of a track. The song then goes through post-production with our producer to make sense of our crazy ideas and voilà! You have yourself a TrueHeights classic.

It is two years since you released the awesome EP “TH15”. Apart from “City Lies”, are you planning to release new music soon?  

January 2018. That’s all I’ll say for now. 

That is very exciting!
What is coming from TrueHeights next?

We have 3 tours to announce in the coming days so keep an eye on our socials. 2018 is gonna be our year.

Awesome! Is there anything else you would like to say? 

Just a massive thank you to everyone involved in the process and the making of this single. It is my hope we can raise lots of money and awareness for such a great cause. 


The charity single City Lies is produced by Connor Ball from The Vamps, and it will be supported by the video that includes cameos from members of The Smiths, Nothing But Thieves, Madina Lake, Dirty Thrills, Anavae, Bang Bang Romeo, Bloxx, I Divide, The Lottery Winners, Go Primitive among notable models and social media celebrities. The donations developed by the single will be directly counted and given to Bedfordshire & Northamptonshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (More Info).

Keep your eyes and ears on the release!


Listen to their mini album ‘TH15’Click Here


To find out more about TrueHeights, visit their sites using the links below;
Official Website:






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