Calling Apollo release The Great Depression Act II (Album)


Album: The Great Depression Act II
Artist: Calling Apollo
Released Date: 16 February 2018


Hailing from Cardiff are alt-rock and progressive-rock titans Calling Apollo. Their latest release, “The Great Depression: Act II” is the second volume of a concept album which explores the titular era in 1920’s America and compares it with the modern social climate we have been left. The quintet have no qualms with laying all their cards on the table to deliver their narrative. They frame their tightly woven lyrical content with vibrant song structures, technically pristine performances, punishing drums, electronic beats, synthesizers and soaring vocals. The band showcase a sound that draws as much from progressive rock bands such as Coheed And Cambria, Porcupine Tree and King Crimson as they do from alternative rock acts such as 30 Seconds To Mars and Angels And Airwaves. This gives Calling Apollo the unique edge of technical proficiency that never stands in the way of enjoyable tracks and their cinematic arrangements allow them to craft dynamic records.

It’s refreshing to see a band in 2018 release an album that is best enjoyed as an album, with a beginning middle and end. From the musique concrete of the introductory track, the shifting dynamics and epic scale of Deer In The Headlights and the electronic rock onslaught of Cambrian Implosion the album paints a colourful musical picture which demands your attention. “The Great Depression: Act 2” plays out like a blockbuster movie with twists and turns and plenty of pyrotechnics, but Calling Apollo never forget to keep it entertaining. It’s a welcome change of pace to witness a modern underground band create an album with such care and craftsmanship, and I recommend this record to anyone who enjoys a bit of class in their rock. Bring on the next one!

Louis Cooper-Hughes




Calling Apollo Album Launch Party ‘The Great Depression Act II’
at Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff on 24th February 2018
Event Page: Click here

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To find out more about Calling Apollo, visit their sites using the links below:
Twitter:  @CallingApollo





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