The Blend – Introducing Interview

The Blend
New Single: Back To Business
Release Date: 30 November 2018

We have featured The Blend, one of the emerging indie bands from the south of England, several times. Recently I realised that we haven’t talked much about their bass player Ethan Harris. As The Blend released their new single “Back To Business”, we decided to spotlight on him, and interviewed him earlier this month. Get to know him better as well as the band!

Hello, Ethan! Thanks for taking time with us today. How are you?

You’re welcome. All good thanks. 

You are a bass player of The Blend. How did you meet up with other members and join the band? 

I first met Dylan at school, and then his brother Fred who plays keys in the band. The band had already recorded their first album which I liked, they didn’t have a bassist so they passed a copy of the album onto me to learn the tracks on bass guitar. At the time, I only had a TV to listen to the CD and I hadn’t really played bass. I didn’t think the boys expected me to be able to learn the whole album purely by listening to the tracks through a TV but I managed to do it. 

Great! When and how did you start playing bass and why did you choose a bass?

I didn’t really have a choice, as I said , the boys needed someone to play bass and I gave it a go. Six months later I had played live on TV before I’d even done my first gig. 

Super! Who are your influences?

Well, a man called Chris Tsangarides produced The Blend’s first album, and he actually played all the bass on it so he has inspired the way I play now. Obviously John Entwistle in my opinion is the best bass player there has ever been, so he is one of my influences. I also like John Paul Jones because of how melodic he plays, he can always be heard breaking through the music he’s recorded on. 

What equipment do you use?

I have a couple of Gibson Thunderbird Bass guitars. They are my favourite guitars to play. I love the way they look and sound. I always use old Trace Elliot gear, cabs and head. It feels like their amps were made for Gibson guitars. I have tried playing Fender guitars in the past, I used to play Jazz Basses, but they weren’t for me. You see too many of them anyway. Not special enough. 

Do you play and enjoy playing other instruments?  


Okay. Do you have a favourite track of The Blend’s?

I like them all, but mainly ‘Night Shift’ and ‘Mr & Mrs Womble’.

Any reasons?

They were two tracks off the All Departures album. I like to play those tracks because of how powerful, fast and melodic the bass lines are. 

I heard that you all moved in to a new place recently. How do you find it?

Yes, the band live in London now. It’s a laugh. You got to do what you’ve got to do.

Right. Are your neighbours okay about you making noises? 

They’ll just have to deal with it, we don’t rehearse at our place anyway. We go into Camden to do that. 

Is there anything you would like to say? 

Not really, cheers.

Thank you for your time, and good luck! 

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