The Harriets – A Christmas Box

The Harriets
New Single (Double Single): A Christmas Box
Release Date:  30th November 2018

Leeds music band The Harriets are always up to something. Ending their busy 2018, they have released a double single “A Christmas Box”. It seems that they are dropping an early Christmas present to their fans and music lovers alike. It is a pleasure listening to something original with a festive flavour. 

The first of their new two tunes, “A Christmas Box” starts with snowflake-like piano, and you know it’s a Christmas song as soon as you hear this sound. The first verse begins with a vocal that is probably in the lowest key that I have heard from them. Then the second verse begins on a much higher note. The harmonies are absolutely spot on. Within one song you get to hear what a wide vocal range they have. 

The second song is “Anyway, It’s Christmas”. By contrast, the lead instrument this time is guitar rather than piano and the gentle marching like drums support the Christmas feel of the song. The duo demonstrates their serene side with their fantastic harmonies.  If “A Christmas Box” is “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, then this song is “Silent Night”.  Absolutely lovely. 

The Harriets tell us about the background to the songs – 
“Last Christmas, when our songwriting duo Dan and Ben went back to their family houses for the holidays, they composed a Christmas song each, without the knowledge of the other. To celebrate this festive miracle we decided to record both tunes and release them as a double A-side for Christmas 2018.   One, ‘Anyway, it’s Christmas’ is a tale of melancholy and winter romance. The other, ‘A Christmas Box’ is full of warmth and Yuletide cheer, with a chorus you’ll be singing through to the New Year.”

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