The Harriets – “Hopefuls” (debut album)


The Harriets Cover - Hopefuls
The Harriets
Album: Hopefuls
Release: 24th July 2020


Leeds based alternative pop and rock four piece The Harriets have arrived with their debut album Hopefuls. The band is made up of lead vocalists Daniel Parker-Smith and Ben Schrodel, joined by Ryan Bailey on drums and Jess Womack on Keys to complete the 4-piece.

Hopefuls kicks off with the lead single Café Disco, a track that’s already been getting airplay on BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing amongst others. It’s a really fresh sound, almost blending new indie music with 60’s charm to produce something that’s just really unique.

Moving through the album we hit the upbeat feel good tune of Darlin’ still keeping their unique sound yet adding a bit more swagger to it. The smooth bass just really takes you on a journey throughout, in fact the song as a whole is like a wave carrying you. The smooth bass, joyful vocal harmonies through to the beautifully lifting trumpet, every musician in this song is just sending good vibes to the listener.

The fourth track on Hopefuls is Have Fun In Your Workplace. Bringing the vibe back down again to a more of a chilled vibe, the track gives more fantastic harmonised vocals on top of more of a surf guitar which is really nice. I get the feeling of being on a beach with headphones on just chilling and enjoying more of the feel good music The Harriets have shown themselves to be brilliant at creating. There’s something really wholesome about this song, it just fills you with a really nice feeling, like you’ve just met the love of your life.

Johnny changes the vibe slightly, the lyrics talk about a lost friend and memories of him, yet manages to give off the feeling of celebrating life. It really feels like the friend has passed yet the song still makes you feel happy, you’ve done your grieving, now it’s time to enjoy the memories.

Track eight from the debut album is a song called Fall Out Of Grace, more of the upbeat feeling. It starts off with a simple clean chord progression building with the bass drum and gripping vocals before the bass and keys kick in to lift the song to another level. I love the chorus of this track, it’s catchy, upbeat and with more beautiful vocal harmonies almost touching on Beach Boys vocal highs.

The breakdown of Fall Out Of Grace is a great touch to this song, from the highs it reached through the middle of the song, it’s brought back down with simple guitar and lyrics of “I used to sing in church in my hometown” all really moving you, this builds towards the end just so perfectly, not bringing you back to the earlier level but really nicely closing out the song, keeping you feeling great.

The debut album by The Harriets is a really lovely collection of songs, well written and well produced, it’s no surprise to see they were shortlisted for Glastonbury Emerging Talent and Record Store Day, and had multiple plays through the BBC and sold out their 2019 debut show. If you like your feel good Indie Pop, then these are definitely for you, even if you don’t, you’ll still feel waves of joy coming out of listening to Hopefuls.

  –  Chris Brain

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