Figures – “Someone Uninvited”


Figures cover
Single: Someone Uninvited 
Release: 10th July 2020


First off, I’d like to thank Music Matters for giving me the chance to write up a piece for them, it’s always a fantastic feeling being shown some new music from across the ocean!

Figures latest single ‘Someone Uninvited’ is a true testament to needing to constantly broaden your horizons – because I would missed out on one of the best discoveries of this year if I didn’t.

‘Someone Uninvited’, taken from their new album ‘Operating In Unsafe Mode’ released last Friday, is a wall of unhinged fury at its core. Like a sharp smack across the chops telling you to wake the f*ck up and pay attention. As we first dive in to the track, we are met with an almighty screaming vocal, that is equally piercing as it is invigorating and mesmerising. Something about the truly unhinged vocal just gets my blood pumping. The sheer brevity of the throat-tearing wail cuts through me like a knife and will always catch my attention. But the onslaught of things that tickle my fancies has only just begun, as there’s so much more to unpack from this track.

The overall guitar tone and instrumentation are so well crafted which blends and flows with the vocals seamlessly, both on a technical level and a production level. This is very clearly a band who knows what they want and how they want to do it. The main lead riff is groovy and impactful, it reminds me of bands like HECK, Ghost Of A Thousand and even While She Sleeps at points; creating a neck-aching rhythm that takes over your entire body. It’s fierce, powerful and continuously captivating.

The majority of the track is absolute carnage from a musical perspective, but we have these brief moments of unionised clarity as we hear the chant ‘from the far right side of the world’ repeated, before being thrown back into the shark tank – giving further emphasis to the overall intensity of the content. Some elements even adopt an electronic influence, really testing and experimenting with the versatility of their masterful instrumentation skills to craft a song that is inviting to all types of heavy music lovers. It’s one of those tracks that lights a fire in your belly, it’s incredibly cathartic listening to it at maximum volume.

I feel honoured to have been sent this track to review. Not just because I was the band’s 1000th YouTube video viewer, but because I have received what feels like exclusive early-access to an artist that has every possible chance of making their way into the ranks of the artists previously mentioned in this article. It’s almost unfair how incredibly talented Australian heavy bands are in general, I genuinely think 90% of the artists I’ve reviewed from there in the past have been gob-smackingly good. Figures, however, have that little extra something that I can’t quite put my finger on. I truly believe we’ll be hearing a lot more from them very soon. The band just need the right person to get behind them to send them to the UK, and let me book them for Attitude Festival.

  –  Marcus Osborne (Founder of On The House/Attitude Festival)



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