Wolves Don’t Sleep release ” If I’m The Snake Then You’re The Ladder”


Wolves Don't Sleep snake
Wolves Don't Sleep
Single: If I’m The Snake Then You’re The Ladder
Release: 18th July 2020


It’s already been established that Wolves Don’t Sleep based in Nottingham are a versatile band, and with them releasing a song titled “If I’m The Snake Then You’re The Ladder”, it is hard to know what to expect. No matter what my expectations were though, they were surely blown out of the water after listening to it.

Taking their flexibility into account, it is worth expressing that this is a metalcore song through and through, and a great one at that. This song is a statement that Wolves Don’t Sleep have steadily been perfecting their brand of nuance over their last couple of releases, and have clearly made a lot of progress.

There are four main parts to the song, in my opinion. So let’s talk about each one.

The track wastes no time getting in your face. Starting off as strong as it does, which I am impressed at how consistently it keeps me vested with intricate flashes of flare and interesting breaks. The hardcore vocals riff over continuously intensifying chugs and licks, and almost unassumingly transitions into the next section.

Atmospheric screams build emotion and fuel a feeling of exhaustion that fits well with how intense the song starts. Coupled with a beautiful chord progression that carries the vocals through into the finale.

A break in tempo brings us back to earth, and builds right back up to blast off. Anxious vocals compliments the buildup exquisitely into the coup de grace.

The outro is easily my favourite part of the song, and I get the feeling that was the idea. The whole song was building towards this part for a good reason. A breakdown ensues with hectic vocal lines following the trend from before, and gradually intensifying as we hit the climax.

If I’m The Snake Then You’re The Ladder is a gem of a song, which I really enjoyed it. This song has all the right components to make it a timeless feature on any heavy metal playlist.

  –  Franco Rootman

For Fans of: Lamb Of God, Thy Art Is Murder, Emmure, The Ghost Inside, Bleed From Within


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