Animal Breakdown – “Night Garden” (new single)

Animal Breakdown night garden cover 

Animal Breakdown
Single: Night Garden



Night Garden is a new single from London based rock band Animal Breakdown. This song follows up on the success of 2019’s debut double single ‘Parting Glass’ // ‘Black Horse’. As confinement begins to end, the track is released at almost perfect timing in my opinion.

Night Garden is a fast paced anthemic song with a slight ’90’s indie feel. The uplifting melody is supported by the tight rhythm section, and the band demonstrate a catchy, foot tapping and refreshing sound with their passionate energy throughout the song. The lyrics are written with well-phrased rhymes to tell you the story, which all of us can relate to as they bring up some topical issues of the day. The band comment upon the lyrics and they say that: “The song’s subject matter deals with sex, sleaze, dangerous liaisons, the reckless paradox / contradiction of feeling both invincible yet hopeless and the ensuing battle of confidence vs consequence.” Animal Breakdown’s expression of their sound is heartening rather than aggressive or depressing. Night Garden naturally comes into your ears and body, and makes you want to hit the repeat button. I must say it would be great to hear the band live. Hopefully that will happen one day soon.



FFO: The Cure, Big Deal, The Replacements, Manic Street Preachers, The Cribs, Asylums and Smashing Pumpkins


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