For The Girl release “The Tide” (new single)


For The Girl
Single: The Tide



“Nottingham’s favourite indie rock sextet” For The Girl are back with their new single The Tide which is released on 4th June. The song is the first release of three upcoming singles and what a track to start with!

The Tide begins with an atmospheric distorted guitar which straight away starts to build your excitement. After a few bars, vocals and a simple drum beat come in, followed shortly after by a minimal bass-line making the song feel as if it is picking up some steam. It’s almost like the song starts as a soft ripple in the ocean gradually getting stronger until the huge tide of the chorus kicks in with a sudden crash of energy.

Through the second verse, I can see the comparisons that have been made to ‘Arctic Monkeys’. The bass-line especially is reminiscent of R U Mine? era Arctic Monkeys where it has a nice simplicity to it but a lovely movement up a few notes then back down to keep it interesting.

After the second chorus, you’re suddenly hit with a strong solo that wouldn’t be out of place in a late 80’s heavy metal band and yet it doesn’t seem a step out of place in the indie pop rock sounds that For The Girl gives you with The Tide in 2020.

The song finishes strongly as well, that solo continuing through to the end giving the track a great energy. What starts as a fairly calm indie pop song builds throughout, spanning the various rock genres without batting an eyelid, to a fairly heavy alt rock almost touching on heavy metal ending. I very much feel like I’ve been riding the tide with this track. I can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves with as The Tide is described as a ‘taster’ for what’s to come from the band.

–  Chris Brain


Click here to download/listen to “The Tide” via iTunes
Click here to download/listen to “The Tide” via Amazon Music



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