A Night Like This – “Greyscale” (new single)


A Night Like This grey cover
A Night Like This
Single: Greyscale
Release: 24th July 2020


To be honest I had never heard of A Night Like This before doing this review. I am an immediate fan from this single Greyscale alone. Thoughtful music like this is just a treat to listen to any day of the week. To express what I mean, let’s talk about the lyrics and the mix before diving into the song itself.

The attention to detail on the mix is evident from the start. Everything sits so well in the room, that it is clear to see no stone was left unturned for this release. Careful thought went into the sound of this song, and the bass tone is my primary example of this.

A Night Like This’ sound is often compared to Architects. The resemblance is without a doubt there, but their lyrical content and vocal deliveries are distinct and is exactly where they set themselves apart. They put a compassionate spin on nihilistic views that one doesn’t find in Architects songs in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though – the song is still riddled with melancholic choruses and breakdowns, but fuelled by words of inclusion and solidarity. We’re still screwed, but we’re screwed together. It is a welcomed take on this style.

Now let’s get into the actual song. Ambient tremolos set the foundation for most of the song, interchanged by some very atmospheric chords. Beautiful clean vocals serenade up to halfway through the song and is backed by the most exquisite of full-body bass tones that occupies a lot of the vacant space in the quieter parts of the song and carries the rhythm into the faster up-beat punk grooves.

The song switches between these peaceful and upbeat sections a few times, and builds up to all hell breaking loose. The song peaks with an emphatic scream leading us into a punchy breakdown with screeching chords assuming the role of ambience, then quickly dropping back into the melody hook of the song before kicking right back up with another breakdown to top it off.

Just like the mix and lyrics the song composition might seem mundane at first glance, but after repeated listening it becomes apparent the song does not lose its glimmer at all. There are few gaps between interesting parts and hooks, and even these don’t leave the listener wanting.

Hailing from the South of Wales, not a stone throw away from the home of heavy metal powerhouse, Bullet For My Valentine, A Night Like This delivers a wonderful mixture of old school and modern metalcore in their single – Greyscale. It unapologetically wears its heart on its sleeve.

  –  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)





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