Bleed Again – “Survive” (new single)


Bleed Again survive cover
Bleed Again
Single: Survive
Release: 31st July 2020


Bleed Again are hot on the metalcore watch-list lately. And with their latest single Survive, Brighton based metalcore quintet have come out swinging. Ex-SikTh vocalist Justin Hill had his hand in mixing the song, and the result is an incredibly refined sound.

The song has ample of grunt and melody harmoniously intertwined with silky smooth transitions. Allowing it to completely avoid the trap of sounding like two songs mashed into one that so many metalcore songs fall victim to. Bleed Again showcases how pure creativity runs through their veins with the sheer variety of ways the song transitions from edgy low end verses to sing-along anthems.

The intro does a very good job at giving us a short queue for the song. On my third listen, it had already been firmly committed to memory. The first verse starts off more modest than expected, but quickly shakes that off with an epic high fry vocal section.

High adrenaline drum work is habitual throughout the track, with one brief hype groove the only exception. The guitar riffs are colourfully arranged with a lot of tasteful nuance, and carry the adrenaline mantle every bit as much as the drums.

The song hits its peak with a massive build up after the slow groove previously mentioned that leads into a climactic solo racing to a pinnacle moment. Bends reign supreme, as a fine touch of class follows to transition back to the chorus.

There are so many great things about this song, it is hard to critique or summarise what exactly makes it special. No one thing stands out from the whole, but as a whole the song delivers a fantastic experience on many repeated listens. The lyrics in particular have grown on me considerably.

All round Survive is a great song by Bleed Again, I highly recommend giving it a listen!

 –  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)




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