EVENU release “Flux” (new single)

New Single: Flux
Release: 14th August 2020

After seemingly disbanding in 2016, Exeter based alt rock band EVENU are back with their new single Flux

The song starts off with a soft clean guitar sound giving you a calm before the storm feel, it takes you from a false sense of peace before Flux quickly smashes into an energetic riff that explodes seemingly from nowhere.

It’s the extra layers and little touches that make this song really great. The subtle clean guitar almost hides in the background that I feel drives the song, turning it from a riff heavy rock tune to feeling so much more complex and interesting. Throughout the song you’re met with lovely vocal harmonies, the chorus especially just brings the overall feel of the vocals and the song in general up a level, making it feel like a stadium filler.

I really like this song, it’s powerful, full of energy and emotion and just has such a great sound. Really looking forward to this comeback and to see what EVENU have got up their sleeves.

– Chris Brain

Connect with EVENU


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