DERELICT release ” Anno Infernum” (new single)

Single: Anno Infernum
Release: 14 August 2020

“Not of this world, not of this life” is how the London based progressive metalcore unit, Derelict, describe their sound. A bold statement, but not without merit. They members of Derelict are pushing themselves to push the boundaries of what is metalcore, and become something set apart from the norm.

They continue this mission with their latest release in Anno Infernum, which translates to “A Year of Hell”, and it wears that title honestly. Completely tearing open the ground underneath our feet, letting loose devastation on our sound systems with a beastly song.

We take a detour from the band’s more recognisable formula with only glimpses of actually being a metalcore song. This is not new to Derelict, but worth mentioning since it is no small feat for a band to display such versatility so seemingly effortlessly.

The song begins with a beatdown dance groove that along with the vocals builds to a break, and ensues a great little motion inducing injection of rhythmic chugs, accompanied by dystopian melodic clean vocals, that takes the listener away too far off dark and scary places.

The melodic screams echo over the following couple of breakdown verses, and continues to paint a picture of a world in pain to fantastic effect. The rhythm switches, leading into a tempo drop that comes to a near standstill, before smashing us in the face with the outro breakdown.

Anno Infernum is a relentless track, and a constant mosh pit song in live settings. With it, Derelict has taken another step towards establishing themselves as a band not content with ever getting comfortable, and letting you know it.

 –  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)

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